i just can’t stay inside all day

June 3005: Faithbucks household
last update/next update
Blake is 33, Becca is 32, Alexander is 1. Also Quinn Faulkner is 32.

narrated by Becca

After two months of “taking it easy”, I’ve about had it. Bored out of my skull.

I know I should be taking this time to rest up before the baby comes but being a stay-at-home mom is really not my thing. Alex keeps to himself really well. When he’s taking a nap, I find myself at a loss at what to do in the meantime.

So I took up yoga. I was into it before I became super busy at my former law firm. It was just like riding a bike, I fell right back into it.

I even squeeze in meditation. All those breathing exercises will be good when I finally go into labor.

But soon Alex wakes up ready to play and sometimes I end up wishing that I had a bit more free time.

But Alex is an easy toddler and we end up having so much fun during playtime, even though he tends to tune me out while we play with his bunny toy.

There is a tiny bit of me that does love the whole domestic goddess routine, but my love for law is much too great. So I’ve made the decision to return to the land of the employed.

Of course, Blake wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of me returning to work, but he will just have to deal. I told him before that I was not the type to stay at home and not have a career of my own. Doing so will force him to help out more around the house. I don’t ever have to ask for help with Alex; he’s such a doting father that I rarely have to.

I have decided to start my own firm. It’s still in the planning stages; I haven’t even gotten an office space yet. So it was a surprise when I received a phone call from a potential client.

Or rather, an insistent one. They were ready to kick their spouse out of their house, file for divorce, the whole shebang. All based on a suspicion of infidelity. I was able to talk them down to sanity and advised a better course of action.

As much as I dislike the whole idea of divorce, I am pretty pleased that I was already on the way of setting up my clientele. Looks like I’ll be able to hit the ground running shortly after I finally give birth.

Which cannot come soon enough. I get so sick of people trying to rub or talk to my stomach.

I was a bit more forceful in my rejection that I meant to be with Blake’s sister.

But Quinn took it in stride, blaming it on the hormones. Yeah, hormones.

My relationship with Quinn has always been strained, considering my history with Blake, and the fact that she’s still close with his ex-wife. We have been trying to improve that.

But apparently, I need to try harder.


  • The title is from It’s a Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch.
  • Becca really was bored this play session. After attending to Alex’s needs, she has nothing to do (besides sleep). I’m disappointed that pregnant women cannot do yoga, although they can meditate.
  • Becca, despite her nice points, she just does not like Tamara or Quinn. Although she’s a bully to Tamara, she’s, at best, indifferent with Quinn. I can never get them above 40 in their relationship meter.
  • One thing I discovered while playing them is that Blake is very doting to Alex… and it makes me sick. I guess now that he has his prized son, he can be Father of the Year. He autonomously gets Alex out of his crib, changes his diaper and gives him a bottle for breakfast before he heads off to work. Autonomously! He’s never been this involved with his daughters (Nichole, Alicia, Lauren). Honestly, I don’t see how Becca can stand it. I could never be with a man who is a deadbeat to his kids, even though he’s Mike Brady with ours. Actually, I wouldn’t even have his kids. The prick.
  • Oh, in case you’re wondering, Becca’s new client scene is setting up for one of this round’s ROS. Dun dun dun!!
  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “i just can’t stay inside all day

  1. True point on the yoga, pregnancy yoga would be a good thing to have, bummer that you can’t. I don’t know that I have ever tried or realized that. The meditation works nicely though. I can just imagine Becca being completely and utterly bored at home, no matter how much she adores Alex, that wouldn’t be the most satisfying for a career-oriented woman like Becca. She’s going to have to work harder with Quinn, especially if she wants to be more on a friend turf with her.

    1. I just don’t get it with Becca. She’s high in nice points and yet she doesn’t get along with Tamara or Quinn. And yes, she’s definitely ready to go back to work. The law career came up really quickly, so she’s ready to go after the baby is born.

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