Circle of Life, Summer 3005

It’s birthday time!

Entering the third trimester, Blake and Becca are now in the homestretch. Blake has managed to convince Becca to take it easy during her pregnancy, even though he’s still too cheap to get a nanny to help around the house.

A couple of days before her due date, Addie Barnes went into labor.

A couple of days later, Dimitri and Addie have brought home a baby boy, Zachary Michael. He has freckles, his parents’ brown hair and his mother’s eyes. They are thrilled.

Turning twelve, Sergio Juarez enters teenhood as a popularity sim, already with ambitions to become a business tycoon by running the family company.

The Greer triplets have graduated from high school and can’t wait to begin their young adult lives at 18.

Autumn wants to have a successful modeling career but she’s no fool. She still plans to attend University of Rockport to get a degree as a backup.

Summer is also attending her parents’ alma mater as a pre-medicine major.

Winter has decided to go his own way and attendĀ Meade College in Laurel Crossing.

Also joining the girls is Summer’s boyfriend Lloyd Wylde. An exceptional student, he is attending on a full athletic scholarship, and will study engineering (mathematics).


  • Isn’t little Zac adorable? I was so excited about this baby and I love the name I picked out for a girl, which I’m keeping. I’m really hoping for a girl out of them next time!
  • Okay, something I just realized about Blake: he is very handsome! But he is still cheap and still an insufferable prick.
  • I thought it very fitting that Sergio’s LTW was to be a business tycoon, as I always saw him taking over the reigns of the family business.
  • Yay, more college students, and even more yay, I finally have a student at Meade. Let’s see how they’ll be without their parents’ watchful eyes on them.
  • Thanks for viewing!

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life, Summer 3005

  1. I always love getting more college students! I find that stage so fun and it’s even more fun with a ton of students.

    Zac really is cute! Can’t wait to see what he looks like.

  2. Sometimes I can tell who the baby favors but I’m at a lost right now with Zac. He has his mother shade, although he was born with freckles. He could still look like Dimitri with his Addie’s coloring. Or look exactly like his mother. The recent trend with the new generation is that the kids end up really favoring the father. So I guess we’ll see.

    I am really excited about the incoming college class. Lloyd and Summer have had a very PG relationship up to this point. So we’ll see how it’ll turn out. As luck would have it, their rooms are next to each other. When I moved the girls in, Autumn took the room on the top floor with Summer on the bottom floor, as they have always shared a room and would take advantage of the space. But when I was finally able to move Lloyd in, the dormie that moved out was right next to Summer! They are both knowledge sims, so their cleaning points are high enough for birth control, but that doesn’t mean that BC won’t fail. I’m not too worried. They are both responsible and haven’t been susceptible to ACR.

    I will say that Summer being a pre-med major, I’ll have to stop procrastinating and get to building the hospital.

  3. Okay, so my first thought when I opened this post was… woah when did Blake get such a smoldering look, wowza! So I’m glad that I am not alone in that! Maybe this is why he gets what he wants!

    Zac has gorgeous eyes, and Lloyd is quite handsome as well. Summer and Autumn look very similar, definitely like triplets, and Winter aged up nicely too. Excited to see this group at university, and also what Becca has for a baby as well.

    1. Maisie, you feel me! I was like, “damn, when did he get fine??” As far as their baby, I don’t really care if it’s a boy or a girl. I just hope that the genetics are distributed well, like it is for Alex. The Faithbucks jaw line is strong lol.

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