that’s my headache

May 3005: Richward household
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Doris is 66, Vyn is 60.

narrated by Doris

For the past several weeks, I have been increasingly counselling my daughter and her husband on what to do about my teenage granddaughter Marianne.

No matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise, I have no advice regarding Marianne’s rebelliousness. Hell, I barely survived Cora’s teenage years.

It appears that the grandparents’ curse has reared its ugly head. Cora herself was a wild child and her daughter looks to be heading that way.

I then discuss the whole situation with Vyn, which then leads to us disagreeing. I feel that we should stay out of it. We’re done raising kids as far as I’m concerned.

Vyn never had kids but if she had I figure her to be more involved than I would be. She wants us to help Cora and Liam out, whatever that means.

I’m determined to not have this put a wedge in our marriage, so we just agree to disagree and put it away for now. I’m trying to get her to get out more anyway, going to a movie or a concert in the city.

Since her promotion last year, she has been working really hard, even bringing home work. I feel that she should be focusing on retiring in the near future.

She agrees but only once we’re ready financially. She wants to have a bit more in our retirement fund, which is getting better due to her increased salary. I’m just ready to get a start on our time off, traveling and not worrying about things like money and boredom and teen angst.


  • The title is from Mind Your Own Business by Hank Williams.
  • Cora kept calling her mother this play session, so I could only imagine that it was getting advice about Marianne. I don’t know what she expected to hear, but “you’re on your own.” As far as Doris is concerned, she’s raised her kid and even helped Cora with Marianne for a decade before they both married. She’s willing to help, but doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. Vyn is more likely to have Marianne move in with them, so that the teen will have a more structured home environment. And I know Doris, she would’ve said “hell no”.
  • I am at a loss to figure out what to do with Marianne, so I turned to Apple Valley’s Simmish Parenting Styles, which is pretty awesome. The results: Doris, Liam and Cora are all permissive types (so are Arturo and Donna); Vyn, Jeffrey and Britney are authoritative. Liam and Cora pretty much let the kids do whatever they want to do, which is probably why Marianne is the way she is now. I think them grounding her was more me than them. Cora should be consulting her cousin Britney.
  • Vyn really does need to keep up with the job in the meantime. They really do need more money. They are technically in an apartment, so there’s weekly rent to deal with. Vyn is still young enough to work a couple more years. I’ll have them buy a small house and then they can travel like they want.

4 thoughts on “that’s my headache

  1. I was curious if Marianne might be moving in with them, I didn’t think Doris would be fond of that at all, but didn’t know if Vyn would get her way. Sounds like Marianne is the perfect product of the parenting in her family, love when that stuff works out!

    Hopefully these two can get enough saved up, and head out to explore the world while they have their health. Apartments are hard though with retired sims with that weekly rent, especially if its a higher priced place.

    1. I think Jeff and Brit would be the better option. Their household has a lot more structure, even more than the grandparents. They already have a full house already but I suppose if she did move in, she can share Sarai’s room. I really believe that Janet is the bad influence in Marianne’s life but we’ll see if anyone will do anything about it. Even Denise saw it; she stopped being the third musketeer long ago and is more friendly with Sarai, as they have more in common.

      Yes, Vyn and Doris need more money. The rent is killing their funds. It’s like $1100 but before Vyn’s promotion, they were she was making only $400 plus Doris’s low pension.

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