young and wild and free, spring 3005

University of Rockport (URock): Spring 3005 semester
last update/next update
Amanda Wilsonoff is 19. Also Roark King II is 20.

narrated by Amanda

I am still working as a RA and luckily the madness has died down, now that we’re further into the school year. I’m finding that I really don’t like dealing with the pettiness of all of the freshmen’s problems. I’m considering transferring back to Newman Hall for my junior year, but that would mean paying for room and board. There’s no way I’m giving up free room and board and a paycheck. So I will just have to suck it up for another two years.

Elliot has no problem hitting it off with people. He often says that he never meets strangers. He thinks that I just need to put in a greater effort into meeting people. Whatever.

So he and I are still dating, although we aren’t that serious enough for a commitment. At least, I’m not.

That hasn’t stopped Elliot from trying to get one though, sometimes going as far to suggest that Donovan was the reason for my hesitance. That’s not the case. He keeps wanting things to be official, but I think it’s too soon. I mean, we’ve only been dating for six months.

He’s been bringing up the topic so much that I’ve been avoiding him by diving more heavily into my course load. It’s a win-win as my grades are improving.

I have managed to become friends-ish with Roark, to get a break from girl talk with the female dormmates. He thinks it’s just fine not being tied down and to just do me. Now if only I can stop these females from pestering me to set them up with Roark…

Finals are right around the corner and I am on the track to finishing the semester strong. Next semester is when I’ll start my major courses, which is the real reason why I’m at URock, not to get my Mrs degree.

Now that I’ve put things in perspective, I’m going to focus more on my studies and keeps things casual with Elliot. Hey, I need something to do in my free time…


  • So Amanda is still not a people person; she continues to have negative conversations with her dormmates. But she’s still hanging out with Elliot. She’s totally forgotten about Donovan and it turns out that she and Elliot are a good match, as they’re three-bolters and totally in love. However, Amanda is such a commitment-phobe, as she doesn’t roll any wants for Elliot, while he has a fear of her rejecting his engagement proposal. Even though he hasn’t technically rolled the engagement want, I’m taking it to mean he sees a future with her and wants to go steady. She’s not particularly worried about romance right now, so I’m not having him ask.
  • She has been focused on her studies more, as she rolled a term paper want, which means that she scored an A this semester. Roark surprisingly did not and he ended up with a B for his troubles. Official grades: Amanda, Physiology (Pyschology) A 3.4 GPA, Roark, Business Management (Economics) B- 3.7 GPA.
  • I finally figured out why my dormies wouldn’t move in. I had a mod conflict, which I fixed. I was able to get Autumn, Summer and Lloyd moved into Alto Hall without any fan fare, and dormies moved in when Winter moved into Maple Hall at Meade College. It looks a little different than the last tour, as I hadn’t entered this lot since before my computer change and losing much of the CC I used before. I even dolled it up with ivy, I can’t wait until you guys see it. I’ll have to continue updating the rest of the lots on campus before the first Meade update (the tag will be mc, not to confuse with the tag I had for it’s namesake, Amelia Meade).
  • Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “young and wild and free, spring 3005

    1. Aw Starr,that really means a lot. I always feel my building are too boxy. Considering the time it spent to that dorm, I cringe at how long it’ll take to update the other buildings.

      I feel so bad with the lack of current updates; I am so behind. Naraj is already in medical school but Amanda just finished her second year. Grr. I’m trying to catch up.

      I do hope Amanda opens up. This girl is so antisocial! Hopefully with some new blood she can really be herself and not be so guarded.

  1. I’m glad you figured out the issue and got your dormies moved in ok, Sounds like you’ve had some personal experience with being a RA, and the dilemma of putting up with the immature behavior but enjoying the free place to live and a paycheck!

    1. Well Shannon, no experience personally as a RA, but after living in a dorm myself I can only speculate how I would react to the petty concerns of 18 & 19 year olds. Amanda would normally go back to the smaller and quieter dorm but she’s a realist. She’s not going to find another option where she would get free room and board and a salary. She really needs to improve her people skills, however. She’s going to be regularly interacting with other Sims with her major. But she’s a Pleasure sim, so she’s going to do what she wants, when she wants to and so what about what other people has to say about it lol.

  2. Your university is fabulous, it’s great to see what Amanda is doing, and how she is adjusting to university life. Elliot is pretty adorable, I wouldn’t be sad if they made something more out of their couplehood. How does it work with Amanda, will she go back to Apple Valley after graduation? I can see why Amanda might not have patience for RA, but all the free things that it comes with sort of make up for it!

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