Too School for Cool, Spring 3005 semester

Laurel Hills Secondary School: Spring 3005 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Faithbucks, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Sarai Richward (13); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 14); Jeffrey Michaels (15); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (16); Autumn Greer, Summer Greer, Winter Greer, Lloyd Wlyde (17)

narrated by Autumn 

I am so glad that the school year is almost over and that graduation is right around the corner.

I’m sure my sister Summer will be glad too. She’s been dating Lloyd for a while and it looks like they’re still going strong.

They are sticking together if when they go to university, which I think is stupid. You’re going to school to meet new people and have new experiences, and I don’t think you can do that if you’re still holding on to high school.

But it’s my sister’s life, so whatever. Lloyd will be attending URock with Summer and I.

To my surprise he’s really smart! Here I am thinking he’s just some jock, but he’s using his athletic scholarship to pay for his education in science or engineering. Shows what I know.

What I do know is my brother Winter and his girlfriend Artemis are at the end of their relationship, which I’m sure will be a blow to my brother.

He keeps talking about them dating while he’s at Meade College and she finishes out her senior year, but she always appears to be uninterested or changes the subject altogether.

I don’t trust her. I never have. I always see how friendly she is with Lloyd’s friend Devon.

Summer thinks I’m overreacting. She doesn’t care for her either but she thinks we should support our brother’s relationship.

I don’t care what Summer says. I still don’t trust her.

She used to badmouth Summer and I to Winter. Plus, I keep hearing rumors that she’s more than friendly with Devon.

But my siblings’ love lives were the least of my worries when my mom called me into her office.

Apparently, news of my career goal made its way to her.

Not that it was supposed to be a secret. But I didn’t offer up any info about what I wanted to do with my life.

Of course, she went into her educator’s spiel, about choosing something more stable.

But I was undeterred. I planned to have a modeling career.

That’s when the principal went out the window and Mom came in.

And the “you’re so smart” and “you’re throwing your life away” arguments came my way.

This is why I don’t tell my parents anything. If either of us go astray from their “well-laid” plans, the sky is falling.

I told her that I had different aspirations from the rest of the family, and that it’s ultimately my life to live, not theirs.

I guess my mother remembered where we were and calmed down enough to say that we would “discuss my future” later tonight with my dad. She may think that her and Dad could convince me otherwise, but as far as I’m concerned, my mind’s made up.


  • I have four graduating seniors this year, all playable NPCs. They all will remain so, as Illiana is still superintendent and I like Lloyd. But after university, they’re on their own, unless they hook up with a playable.
  • So the cat is out of the bag with Autumn’s career goals, and unsurprisingly, Illiana is not happy. Everyone in the Greer family is a knowledge sim, except for Autumn, who is family. Harold is an astrophyiscist; Illiana was a genetics professor at URock before her career in education. Winter and Summer are going into the “family business,” with Winter heading into the science career, and Summer heading into any of the science fields (She qualifies for medicine, science, natural science, intelligence and oceanography careers. I’ll choose one based on which major she rolls). Autumn actually didn’t roll for modeling, but her look is perfect so that’s what I’m choosing for her. She rolled highest for law enforcement but rolled well into business, medicine, counseling psychology, library science and social work careers as well. So at least she has backups.
  • I may She may be hoping for a successful modeling career, but I think she’s a realistic enough to get some university in, if not to appease her parents, which is why I’m enrolling her for university.
  • Lloyd and Summer are so into each other, so I’m not breaking them up when they go to university. Imagine my surprise when he rolled highly for all of the science careers, so Lloyd will fit right in with the Greers it appears. And Winter and Artemis… sigh. They don’t roll any wants for each other, although Winter is very affectionate with her. She constantly does the bored action whenever they talk and she usually accepts the flirt interactions with Devon. So they likely will be breaking up pretty soon. I don’t see Artemis remaining as a PNPC after graduation, nor Devon for that matter. They are too boring.
  • All will be joining Amanda at Alto Hall at URock, except for Winter; he’ll be headed to Meade College. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Too School for Cool, Spring 3005 semester

  1. Well, if Autumn wants to model, there’s not much her mum can do to stop her. She should probably just be happy she’s still planning on going to university.That way she has something to fall back if modelling doesn’t pan out the way she hopes it will.

    I’ve always wanted to put one of my sims in the modelling career but I have yet to have a sim with the right look who would also be the type to want to do it!

    1. As soon as she got her dad’s height, I knew I wanted her to model. But per her personality, that career is just not a good fit for her, as she’s too shy. I’ll have her in the modeling career while in school, so we’ll just have to see how well she does. Thanks for commenting.

  2. “That’s when the principal went out the window,” ha. Illana really went off on Autumn about her career choice. It would be interesting to see Autumn succeed in modelling; I have never had a sim follow that career although I had it in my game.

    If Lloyd and Summer stay together, do you think you might keep them PNPCs? It will be interesting to see what happens with them after they age up to YA.

    Do you have any playables at Meade College? Just wondering who Winter might run into there.

    1. I’ve had the modeling career in my game for forever and Autumn will be my first. I’m super excited about it, as I’m also thinking of doing some actual ads and posters of Autumn modeling as well.

      Currently, the triplets and Lloyd are PNPCs. I plan on keeping them as such, unless of course they become playable by marriage. Summer and Lloyd are such a good match; I’m hoping that they remain together and bring forth the next generation of PNPCs lol.

      Actually, all of my college students are PNPCs, including Amanda from Apple Valley. We’ve got a few more years before my oldest playable teen will be able to attend URock or Meade. Marianne, if she wises up and stop goofing around, will be a freshman by their senior years. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing Autumn in the modeling career, it can even help pay for university, many girls do that. I can see how this isn’t something that Illana would want for her daughter, but it really isn’t that terrible, and she is really pretty. I didn’t realize so many of your sims were PNPCs. I like Summer and Lloyd together, and his career aspirations really do fit in perfectly with her family.

    Too bad about Winter and Artemis, hopefully he finds out the truth soon enough, because yeah she doesn’t look too good there with Devon! Winter can do better!

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