Out in the School Yard, Spring 3005 semester

Laurel Grove Primary School: Spring 3005 Semester
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Principal/Superintendent:  Illiana Greer. Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield
Students: Adriana Tracy, Lauren Faithbucks, Sabrina Juarez, Kara Leane (all 6); Giovanni Juarez, Nate Fontaine, Becca Carr, Alicia Faithbucks (all 8); Nichole FaithbucksSantiago Juarez, Chaz Weber (all 10); Sergio Juarez (11 1/2)

narrated by Illiana

It was the last week of the school year and the upper grades were just finishing up their last assignments.

SPAT scores have already come in and only one student needed extra help. Thankfully, with plenty of tutoring Santiago was able to catch up.

The kindergarten class is done for the year, so they are currently enjoying free study in Mrs. Faulkner’s class.

Which they thoroughly enjoyed of course.

Nothing compares to music class I’m told.

So many of our student excel in music, which I find is very beneficial in learning.

This class will be bittersweet for some, as we have a student graduating to high school.

Another change coming for next year is staff reorganization.

Due to the current student population, I’ve decided to join the kindergarten class with the upper grades, discontinuing the separate class. It will relieve Mr. Summerfield and have smaller classes.

Mrs. Faulker accepts the new change and is eager for the challenge of teaching older students than she’s used to.

Due to the 100% passing rate of the SPAT scores, we decided to extend recess for the day. Why not?


  • Everyone did well this semester, although it was close for Santiago. Sergio passed his final SPAT and is headed for high school in the fall.
  • So I went ahead and reorganized the classes for the school. There aren’t any new kindergarten students for next year, but there will be five for the year after that (eek!). Unfortunately, based on how the ages are distributed right now, that means that for next year, Quinn will have a full class with Devon having a small one.
  • Oh, and Quinn wasn’t too thrilled at the change at first:
  • But she came around:
  • Thanks for reading! 

2 thoughts on “Out in the School Yard, Spring 3005 semester

  1. That’s funny about Quinn not being too happy, but change is hard even if it’s for the best in the long run. I have to do some reorganization now and then, usually it’s the 3rd grade class that gets bumped up to 4-5 or down to 1-2 grade. The classrooms look really nice, and it’s great that you have so many music sims, I only have a handful in all my schools. I’m glad Santiago caught up, nice that the school has the time to help students that fall behind.

  2. You have quite a great group of students! I think I would enjoy free time too! It is fun to give the kids a chance to socialize at school. As for teachers having to take a different class, that is stressful, funny that your sim had that reaction even though she doesn’t actually write lesson plans or have to move all her stuff to another room!

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