if i hesitate to let you in

April 3005: Fontaine Household
last update/next update
Genesis is 24, Eva is 4. Also Donna Juarez is 69.

narrated by Genesis

I still cannot believe I’m here in this stupid juice bar, actually about to go on a date.

After much urging from my friends Tamara and Mrs. Juarez, I’ve decided to get back out into the dating world.

When I was asked out on a date, she practically forced me out of the house, insisting that I go out and have fun while she watched Eva.

So I headed over to this juice bar that opened next door to some teen hangout to meet my date.

And I wait… and wait… wait.

And I realize that I’d been stood up. Swell.

I was so into my thoughts that it took a few moments for me to realize that someone was sitting at my table, speaking to me. It was Brea Wendland, the owner of a bakery in town.

We’ve never really spoken whenever I was in her shop, but the way she pulled me into a conversation one would think that we were old friends.

We talked about so much about almost everything: our families, our careers and interests.

I wasn’t even prepared when she asked me out to a movie.

I was so surprised, even more so when she started flirting with me. I always thought she was cute but I didn’t even realize that she would be interested in me.

After the movie and the following dinner, she escorted me home.

I was having such a good time. I nearly let myself get carried away but I stopped myself. I was no bachelorette; I was a divorced single mother, with many more responsibilities than I did five years ago.

I wasn’t looking to rush into another relationship. I was a fool who rushed into marriage and even though I have my daughter, I got a load of heartache for my trouble. Brea agreed to take it slow and offered to cook me dinner on our next date. I just hope that I’m not being a fool for a second time.


  • The title is from Try Again by Aaliyah.
  • Brea is an AL townie who was a regular walkby on the Fontaine household. They spoke a few times but nothing spectacular, until I decided to use the crystal ball to see who she was compatible with. Brea and another townie was young enough for her. Genesis actually gained friendship a lot more quickly with the other townie. But she ended up standing Genesis up on a date, so she’s moving along with Brea, who’s my choice. She’s so pretty and she’s really high in cooking, I’ve decided to make her a baker.
  • Their romance is steady and slow, which is right up Genesis’s alley. Considering her history, she’s definitely taking it slow. I only just realized how young Genesis is; she seems so much older. I guess with her being an orphan, having her own business, and getting married and having children makes her much more mature. I need not to rush her into another marriage until she’s absolutely ready. She is a Pleasure sim, which I see as an impulsive inspiration, so we’ll see how this will turn out.
  • And I must say, Genesis is absolutely stunning with long hair! I think if she has another child, I will want her to have a child via paternity donor; I want her genes to pass down.
  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “if i hesitate to let you in

  1. Genesis is really pretty, and as you said, quite young, she has plenty of time and Eva to keep her occupied too. But Brea is really adorable, and it looks promising! Bummer on being stood up on the date, but it looks like it might work out in her favor. She really doesn’t need a bad relationship.

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