gotta, gotta get outta here

March 3005: JuarezDo Household
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Dominic Juarez is 35, Tamara is 29, Giovanni is 8, Arthur is 1. Also Cora Tracy is 33 and Becca Faithbucks is 32.

narrated by Dominic

Routine has finally returned to the household once Arthur left his infancy. No more late night feedings or diaper changes; he finally sleeps through the night and Tamara keeps him on a good schedule throughout the day.

However, now that she’s also been teaching him to walk and talk, he’s now becoming much more active. He has a habit of tracking me down in the house, which scares me. I don’t want him to try to follow me up or down the stairs.

But Tamara assures me that he’s okay, now that she’s installed security gates for the stairs. She’s like a supermom, always a step ahead of me. She stays at home with the kids, cleans and cooks, so whenever I can I try to help out. It’s the least I can do.

But we were both unprepared on what happened one weekend night.

To think that some stranger, a criminal, was sneaking in our home while we slept makes my blood boil.

I am thankful that I decided to install a silent burglar alarm when I moved in, as my brother also had a break-in. And to our horror, it turned out to be the same burglar!

At least in this case,our children did not witness the nasty business, although Gigi did wake up when the police were wrapping up. Her poor cousins Sergio and Santiago had nightmares for weeks after seeing that creep.

Tamara’s blog is still successful and she was able to write entries about the excitement. It turned out to be therapeutic for her.

But not so much so that it didn’t deter her from our decision to move to a new house.

Although the attempted burglary is a big part why we’ve decided to move, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Besides the fact that we’ve outgrown the place, we have difficult neighbors. Mrs. Faithbucks constantly antagonizes Tamara; the last time she had Tamara in tears.

She’s gotten increasingly worse in her current condition. I’ve also tried speaking with her husband, who was no help. He’d rather see them work it out alone, which is good advice. However, his wife is being a bully which is very childish. We’ve had it.

We’ve told Gigi about the move and she understandably had more than a few questions.

She was concerned that we would move to Rockport but we quickly squashed that idea. Laurel Crossing is still a safe town and we would not look at the city as a safer option.

Besides, Laurel Crossing is building a small hospital that I will be heading up, and it would not make sense to move away.

We’ve decided to hire Cora Tracy as our realtor. I’m so busy with work and with Tamara busy with the children, it is ideal that we enlist professional help.

After talking with her, I could tell we made a good choice. She was very attentive and listened to every concern we had.

After our consultation, we were confident in her ability to not only find us a new house but to sell our old one. Hopefully, it won’t take very long to do either.


  • The title is from I Gotta Get Outta Here by Alice Cooper.
  • I had planned to have them more for a while now. Although it’s big enough for them now, they will likely have more children and there is no more for another baby. The Faithbucks have a similar situation but I’ve just paid off their mortgage and they need to save money to move. So when they got a visit from the burglar, I took that as a sign.
  • Speaking of the Faithbucks’, Becca is super mean to Tamara. They always have negative reactions, enough that she makes Tamara cry. She appears to not like Dominic as well, but not like Tamara. And Blake is always nowhere to be found when this occurs. Ugh, she’s such a bitch. It appears that she was made for Blake.
  • Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “gotta, gotta get outta here

  1. I love how the toddlers in Sims 2 follow their parents, especially outgoing toddlers. It was really neat reading about this Juarez family, they seem really fun to play. It will be fun to follow their move to a new home!

    1. Both Dominic and Tamara have had tragic beginnings (both lost their first spouses and they suffered miscarriages) but I’m glad things are working out with them. I’m especially glad they won’t have the Faithbucks’ as their neighbors. I already can’t stand Blake and Becca is a straight up bully.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. It’s so weird how some sims just take a disliking to others, for no reason you can figure out. I thought maybe Becca was mean but I checked her profile and she’s got 7 nice points. Those kinds of situations are always baffling to me!

  3. That is too funny how much Becca hates Tamara! I’m glad they are moving house especially if it means future cute kids down the line. I really like the idea of a realtor, do you have a business lot for her too? Very nice that they have a silent alarm, I enjoyed the do wrap on his head too. How did you take the first photo? I believe you spoke about it at N99 in the past, especially for taking photos of bathrooms, I believe that’s what did for that first photo anyway!

    1. I definitely want more kids out of these two so I’m glad they’re moving. Both Liam and Cora are Realtors. Liam is the one in my real estate agent career, but I’ve used Cora in my pics because she has a higher relationship with the clients I’ve had so far. It’s only for the story. I don’t charge a fee or anything. I don’t have a business lot.

      I first position the camera to the furthest it’ll go to get the whole room without clipping the walls. I hit tab and press X to zoom out. It’s a must when in small rooms. I don’t think I did this trick on that picture but it’s possible. I do it so much.

      1. Thank you!! I tried it out on my elementary update and was able to get some cool classroom pictures!! Great tip and I will definitely remember it this time, I plan to fully abuse it!

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