Circle of Life: Spring 3005 Birthdays

It’s birthday time!

Blake and Becca had just celebrated their son Alex‘s first birthday when they discovered that they were expecting again! Even though she hadn’t experienced symptoms like her first pregnancy, Blake urged Becca to take it easy.

Becca thought it was a preposterous idea, but Blake reminded her of the loss of his first son. She made it to her second trimester without any medical care, after all. It was better to be safe than sorry.

With only one month to go, Addie is particularly uncomfortable. Already on maternity leave, she takes extra long bubble baths to ease the backaches and sore feet.


  • So I messed up. I was so shocked at Becca’s pop when I entered their household for Alex’s aging, I forgot to take pictures. I had no idea that she was pregnant. But at least I got his profile pic, so check out his profile to see how adorable he looks. I think he looks like Blake but there’s enough of Becca mixed in to not look exactly like his half-siblings or cousins. He doesn’t have the Faithbucks jawline like most of the Faithbucks line. And I love the even mix of his skintone too.
  • Thanks for viewing!

6 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Spring 3005 Birthdays

  1. Ooo Alex is cute, he has a great inbetween skintone too, though I really adore Blake’s skintone. He’s such a good looking, sweetheart worrying over Becca. Hopefully the pregnancy goes smooth, and wow are the two kids going to be super close in age! I’m curious if Addie’s baby will have her gorgeous eye shape, and what both of these ladies will have as well.

    1. Yes, Alex is a cutie, I have to admit. I am so glad he’s not a twin of Blake like Alicia and Lauren are. I am perturbed at the slim age gap too. Newlyweds, ugh lol.

      Baby Barnes has been born and I can’t tell one way or the other who the baby favors (I can sometimes). But I am pleased at the gender, at least. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alex is adorable, I bet he is going to be handsome. His parents are very good looking. I’m sure that his younger sibling will be just as cute.

    And Addie looks comfy in that bubble bath.

    Can’t wait to see the new babies coming.

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