will you ever get your head straight

February 3005: JuarezDi Household
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Diego Juarez is 38, Victoria is 36, Sergio is 11 1/2, Santiago is 10, Sabrina is 6

narrated by Victoria

I recently walked into the bathroom and caught Diego scrutinizing his face and muttering to himself.

When I asked him what on SimEarth was he doing, he muttered something about getting old and the bags under his eyes and winkles and gray hairs… It was the oddest thing, as Diego has never been into his looks before.

I find the whole idea preposterous, as I believe we have better things to worry about, like the children. It’s almost a full-time job making sure they stay on top of their schoolwork.

But I ended up not taking my husband seriously enough, as he surprised me one afternoon with extreme jubilation in his voice.

At first, I just noticed the new outfit, which really wasn’t a big deal. I was about to say so, until I noticed the big grin on his face. His very smooth face.

To my astonishment, I realized that he had gotten Botox! I immediately laid into him. I mean really, the nerve of having poison injected into your face! That was one of the biggest fights we’d ever have.

And the longest. I stopped speaking to him when he came home after an extreme haircut. I don’t know what his problem is, if it’s a mid-life crisis or whatnot, but he’d better fix it, whatever it is.


  • The title is from The Worst Person by New Found Glory
  • So the first ROS has been fulfilled, right off the bat. Diego rolled the COSMETIC SURGERY scenario. It took me a while to come up with this one, but I figured that getting older would Diego make become vain about his looks, sort of like a mini-midlife crisis. How far into the crisis will Diego go? I guess we’ll see.
  • Yeah, I’ve been gone awhile. This was a very busy semester. Any free time I get is not simming unfortunately. But winter break is approaching so maybe I can get some updates in. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “will you ever get your head straight

  1. Oh man, I can understand not wanting gray hair and wrinkles, but not even talking it over before doing cosmetic surgery! That is a recipe for disaster! And whoa on the shaved head!! That was nutso, it’s like the male version of Brittany Spears’ breakdown! I hope that Diego feels better about himself now, curious if he will go even more extreme! Great having you posting, hope you get plenty of time to play over break!

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