you’ve got to reach out a little more

January 3005: Faulkner Household
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Trent Faulkner is 35, Quinn is 32, Austin & Chase are 4, Dakota is 1.

narrated by Trent

Being a dad of three toddlers is awesome! At least mine are. They are so precocious at this age. And now since Dakota has reached toddlerhood, it’s even better.

I thought there would be sibling rivalry but there’s none that I could see.

The twins took to being big brothers pretty well. They get along with Dakota great. I’m not surprised, she’s a complete angel.

Quinn tells me I have blinders when it comes to our daughter, as she’s not quite the angel. I really don’t believe that.

That’s when she tells me if I were home more often I would. It’s so much work that I put in to make the Town Crier a successful newspaper.

Most nights, I get home way past the kids’ bedtimes. It’s a rare treat that I get to tuck any of them into bed then.

Usually though, I retire to bed long after the rest of the house is lights out.

It’ll be worth it, however. I am fulfilling my dream, at least working toward it. Plus, I am establishing my legacy for our family.

Which is beginning to come together, after I received the news I’ve been waiting for.

I make it home in time for dinner that night, which prompts much teasing from Quinn.

That’s when I tell her that the Town Crier is now going to be distributed regionally, beginning with Rockport. More readers means more subscriptions, which means more revenue.


But she was only teasing. She’s just as thrilled at the news. I love how supportive she’s been of my career, and I resolve to cut back my hours. I need to be home more and spend more time with my awesome family.


  • The title is from Careful by Paramore.
  • Okay, I did not know that toddlers can steal a bottle from other toddlers! Dakota, the little sneak, just hijacked it from her brother (I still cannot tell them apart). When I saw it go down, I directed Quinn back to the room, Quinn autonomously frowned at Dakota, while she’s like, “What?” nonchalantly. I’m going to have to keep an eye on Trent’s “little angel”.
  • That was the highlight of this play session unfortunately. Nothing else really happened. Other than me realizing, I really do need more toddler girl clothes. I also find myself begrudgingly admitting that I would like to see Trent and Quinn have another girl, one that looks like Quinn. But they’ve reached their IFS and both qualify for birth control. So it’s doubtful, it’ll be anytime soon, which is good, as space would be tight with another baby.
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “you’ve got to reach out a little more

  1. This family is cute! I like how Trent sees Dakota as his “little angel” who could do no wrong. It’s totally believable! Most dad’s are blind to their daughters wrongdoings. Girls always have their daddy’s wrapped around their little fingers.

  2. I hear ya on telling twins apart, I had to dress Julius in orange, and Elias in red, and I remembered which was which because of Orange Julius, lol. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! This is a really cute family, and how funny is Dakota snatching that bottle, I haven’t had that happen in my game in ages, I forgot it even could. Glad that work is going well for Trent, and that he’s got a soft spot for his little princess, what a good Dad. They are a really sweet family, I do hope they have another baby too.

  3. Hey, sorry about the late reply, I just saw the link to this update on Tumblr.

    The three toddlers are adorable! Trent is a great dad, and I’m glad things were good for them in this update

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