wish i knew what’s on your mind

December 3004: Underwood Household
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Jeffrey is 38, Britney is 35, Sarai Richward is 13, Courtney is 3, Tina is 1. Also Donna Juarez is 69, Nigel Hoyt is 36.

narrated by Britney

I thought it was going to be difficult having two toddlers in the house, but so far it’s been great. Courtney absolutely loves being a big sister. They keep themselves company pretty well.

Tina is already showing some remarkable reasoning skills. We may have a little genius on our hands.

My mother has been a great help as well. With my long hours at the hospital and Jeff busy at the newly-built police station, Donna keeps our household running and organized. Plus, we won’t have to overwhelm Sarai.

Sarai has been flourishing in high school. She’s still set on the medical field and she’s heavily involved in anything with science.

So it was a great surprise to get a call from the science teacher Mr. Hoyt asking to meet with us.

He came by the house and he brought up Sarai’s academic performance.

We immediately became concerned. With her cousin acting out in school, I was afraid that Sarai may have been rebelling in school as well.

He quickly calmed our fears. He came to tell us the news that Sarai was a candidate for induction of the FENSA Society!

It was amazing news and a great shock. Sarai was contacted a few weeks ago and she hadn’t said anything. We advised him that we would help Sarai follow up.

Even at dinner, we tried to get her to bring it up with no avail.

I was tired of beating around the bush, so after dinner I asked her right out about FENSA.

I couldn’t believe she said she was considering it. She should have been jumping at the chance. So many doors will open for her once she was apart of the society, including getting a full scholarship to university.

I guess I was pushing too hard because she completely shut down after that. I just want the best for her future.

Later Jeff suggested that I back off. We cannot exactly force her to apply. Besides, she’s only 13 and has plenty of time to join if she really wanted. I hope so. I want the best for her future and don’t want to see her go down the path her cousin is taking right now.


  • The title is from Beating Around the Bush by AC/DC.
  • Courtney and Tina are the cutest little things! And it wasn’t until that picture that I can see they do have similar facial features, just differing coloring. They constantly play with the logic toddler toy all the time. Judging by this and their personalities, they’re likely to become knowledge sims just like dad, mom and big sis.
  • So Nigel had came by to visit one day out of the blue. Not sure why, since he only has a relationship with Sarai and a small one at that. So I figured that he wanted to talk to Sarai. Nothing in her memories suggested a possible reason, but I did discover that she is only 3 separate skill points away from maxing out all 7 skills. Go Sarai! Along with Maxis scholarships, earning that FENSA scholarship award will give her a full ride to college, which is sorely needed for this family. They definitely cannot afford college.
  • Sarai kept having negative reactions with her mother this play session for some reason. Then I captured this and wondered if I could write in Britney overreacting on Sarai’s under-reaction on FENSA. Really Britney? Did you really just accuse your daughter of woohooing?

  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “wish i knew what’s on your mind

  1. These two have beautiful children, they should have a dozen! I’d love to see them with a son, just to see their genetics. Really like the girls hugging each other, too sweet. And Sarai… and woohoo remarks by her mother, I think/hope Sarai is too young for that! I do hope she takes the scholarship, she’s so young, it’d be a shame to turn it down now, so many years before she’ll need it.

  2. I’m glad Britney is backing off about the FENSA stuff. It sounds like Sarai has plenty of time to decide and she seems so driven already that I don’t think they have any cause for concern about her education!

    Courtney and Tina are too cute! But then, Sarai is gorgeous as well, so they obviously have some really lovely DNA in this family!

  3. Please, no more kids until Sarai goes to college. There’s no more room in the house and they cannot afford it. After this session I was able to pay down their mortgage by half. Even though they are at the top of their respective careers, money is still tight (I guess because there’s no promotion bonuses). I do want them to try for a boy but I’ll wait until Sarai leaves.

    Yes, Sarai is striking and I cannot wait until she has kids lol. But she’s absolutely focused on school work. I did notice that ACR did strike when I was going through her memories. I cannot say whom but she DID it which I’m pissed about. And it had to have happened on another lot. Sneaky Sims! You gotta watch them. That’s how I found out Christy cheated.

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