Circle of Life: Winter 3004 Birthdays

It’s birthday time!

Addie has just entered her second trimester and she feels amazing! One of her favorite new things to do is to take walks around the neighborhood.

Good news, Christy no longer has to be on bed rest. Bad news, it’s because she’s going through labor.

After a long and agonizing labor, Christy and Dennis are now the parents of twins, Denzel Cornelius and Ashlea Topaz Cheshire.

Tina has turned one this year and seemed to inherited her parents reasoning skills, as they have to tear her away from her logic toy.

Dakota is turning one as well and is already daddy’s little princess and looking just like him.

Finishing out the first birthdays is Arthur, who seems to also be a splitting image of his father.


  • Wow, my fathers must have strong genes because so many of the kids look just like them!
  • Tina Underwood’s features are so striking to me. I dug into SimPe and it turns out she got the hair from her grandmother Donna, who had brown hair in her youth.
  • Just when I think my genetic manipulation is finished in SimPe, I’m apparently still not done. I never realized that I needed to fix Dennis’s eyes. He constantly wears those shades so I never noticed. Both kids inherited his eyes, so it’s back to SimPe for me.
  • Thanks for viewing!

3 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Winter 3004 Birthdays

  1. Oh man, Tina and Dakota are absolutely darling!! I thought that Tina was too cute, then I saw Dakota and was gushing over her. Arthur looks totally sweet and shy, what a cutie. I can’t believe Christy had twins, and the babies are here… curious how this is going to go, a wee bit nervous about her parenting these babies.

    I have tons of eyes to fix in SimPe, I keep putting it off, so you aren’t alone on that adventure.

  2. I’m curious about Christy parenting skills as well. She is the weirdest family sim I’ve ever had. I exited the lot after birth so I’m not sure yet. With Dennis there may be hope lol.

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