let it go

November 3004: FaithDee Household
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Deidre Faithbucks is 29, Nichole is 9, Alicia is 7, Lauren is 5. Also Corey Tyler is 36.


narrated by Dee

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon when I checked the mail that day. I had just gotten home from work and the kids were getting ready for the weekend at their father’s. I checked the mail like I always did when I saw it.

I called Blake immediately, demanding to know why I was getting a collection notice from a creditor.

Of course, Blake tried to insult my intelligence, as if I cannot read a letter.

He acquiesced, asking me to send him the letter and he’d take care of it. Yeah right.

To make sure it was cleared, I was going to go directly to his lawyer and wife to make sure it was done.

An hour later, the house was empty and Corey arrived for our date and found me still steaming.

I love getting Corey’s take on this. He let me know that I was still letting Blake get to me and I needed to move forward.

Of course, the conversation soon led to our relationship. Corey had been asking me to marry him but I’ve been turning him down.

I do love him, but I’ve been hesitant. I’m not sure how this was going to affect the kids. Corey lived in the city; would we have to move to Rockport?

Corey assured me that we wouldn’t have to. Besides, he can still commute to the city.

I finally ran out of excuses. The truth is, the girls adore him and so do I. It’s time that I get my happily ever after.

So I finally accepted his proposal. Now it was time to tell the kids.

They returned Sunday afternoon and I let them know.

Lauren turned out to be the most excited. I wasn’t surprised since she has a closer relationship with Corey than with her own father.

She did get concerned when I told her that we would have to move now.

Corey told them that we would be just moving to a bigger place. Nichole was visibly relieved and hoped that she would continue having her own room.

That’s when Lauren had the idea that all three girls share a room, which led to the girls arguing over each other.

With that task done, now it was time to plan a wedding and find a house. Considering what I’ve been through the past few years, it’ll be a piece of cake.


  • The title is from the Frozen movie soundtrack.
  • Dee rolled the last ROS of the round: REPO MAN RAMPAGE (3 items totaling $3,000). It was hard trying to figure out how to work this, as Dee would be responsible enough to pay her bills. So I made it to be a bill that Blake was supposed to pay from the divorce. I have no qualms in blaming him anyway :).
  • Corey has had the want to propose to Dee but it wasn’t until this play session that she finally rolled the want. And I laugh at how similar Blake and Dee’s romantic lives are after their split. They both moved on with the first person they dated… and both are lawyers!
  • So Corey is moving in, and with the start of a new round, this will be known as the Tyler household. Thanks for reading!



One thought on “let it go

  1. She has such beautiful daughters, but I especially adore Lauren, she’s just cute as a button. I’m so glad that she’s accepted his offer, excited for the wedding and the new home. Geez Blake, pay your bills! It does seem like typical Blake to blow off a bill or wrack up debt in Dee’s name, glad she got it squared away. And you are right, their lives are eerily similar romantically since the split. I wonder if Dee and Corey will have a baby together, she’s definitely young enough!

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