young and wild and free, fall 3004

University of Rockport (URock): Fall 3004 semester
last update/next update
Amanda Wilsonoff is 19.

narrated by Amanda

My sophomore year has brought new changes. Over the summer break, the administration decided to make Newman Hall a dorm for upperclassmen and graduate students, so incoming and returning students got new housing assignments. Luckily, I got re-assigned to Alto Hall, which finished its renovations over the summer. And it’s also closer to the action on campus. I even get a little extra pocket money manning the reception desk few nights a week.

It’s taking some getting used to my fellow residents. At Newman, it’s more laid-back and quiet; they’re more focused on studying. At Alto, it’s much more boisterous with people hanging out in the halls. You have rooms people!

It’s bad enough how loud they are but they constantly crowd the halls. I usually just stick it out in my room, leaving only for class, meals in the dining room or late-night sustenance.

I have been increasing my visits into the city to visit BusyBodies, a city gym located near campus. I ended up taking my former dormmate on her suggestion of going off campus to improve my social life. It’s so trendy, plus it’s located in the same building as other trendy shops that I tend to window-shop in. It’s all I can do since I’m on a college student budget.

On my last visit to the shop en route to the gym, I ran into another dormmate, Shanon Rey. Since she’s a junior, she’s still at Newman and hadn’t seen her in ages.

It was great catching up with Shanon, although I did leave out the other reason of visiting BusyBodies.

It is a great gym; I’m into fitness so it does appeal to me greatly in that respect. But I always hope to catch… him there.

Donovan. He’s an upperclassmen, but that’s all I know. I do keep hoping that he does notice me, though he normally doesn’t. I’m still trying to get the hang  of this big-city mentality.

It’s the same thing every time. I end up giving up and actually working out (I still have to maintain my spot on the team).

This time was different, however. Once I was done with my workout, he approached and began flirting with me.

It didn’t take me long for me to be putty in his hands and had me agreeing to a date pretty quickly.

I was in a pretty good mood for the rest of the week, until one day I arrived back to the dorm and one of the freshmen fussed at me about some new controversy with the school administration. He was recruiting people to protest or something. I tried to decline the invitation as nicely as possible.

Then shortly after that, another freshman complained about something broken in the dorm. Honestly people, I just work the front desk. I’m not maintenance or the RA for that matter. These newbies are pretty crazy.

Well, not all of them. Elliot Fairbairn is pretty cool. He’s pretty easy to be well. Our conversations go really well whenever we catch other. Sometimes they’re long enough for us to sit on the bench.

Although our last conversation went oddly when he told me he heard about me dating Donovan Midgeley. He even warned me about him, as he was known to be a bit of a Casanova. Whatever. It’s not like I’m some dumb freshman. It’s not any of his business who I hang out with anyway.

The word around the dorm for a while turned out to be my connection with Donovan unfortunately. Girls that I’m friendly enough with kept gushing about it. The way they went on, you would think that he was some kind of celebrity of something. He is pretty hot, I must admit.

It does get annoying after a while though. And right when I was about to say so, Elliot decided to interrupt. It’s a good thing too, as I was likely to come off the wrong way anyway.

Here I was thinking he was saving me when he was actually asking me out! Even though I really don’t date several guys at once, I accepted. I figured why not? I’m in college and it’s not like I’m tied down or anything.


  • So Amanda went from having no social life to now dating two guys. And both are three-bolters! I was pretty excited that there was a connection with Donovan. He is a very good looking dormie that I have been trying for ages to have him show up as a walkby or something. So then he finally shows up at the gym and score, three bolts! She already had three with Elliot and they’re pretty friendly with each other and I’m torn. Or at least, I was. I decided to dig into Donovan’s stats and he’s romance, with wants to screw Amanda and three other ladies. So I take it to mean that he wants Amanda to be another notch on his belt. Not sure how I feel about that, but Amanda doesn’t have a preference for one or the another. Just a generic go on date want. I’ll let her date both and let her decide.
  • I’m glad I built the new dorm, as now she has much more access to other dormies. Newman Hall seemed hidden away and pretty boring. She came to URock to experience the big city after all. It was bear to move in new dormies though. I had to create more dormies, teleport them in and manually move them in. And wow, are they… colorful. They constantly play hacky sack in the halls and fight with Amanda all the time. I think Amanda rubs them the wrong way. 
  • No exposure of Roark this semester. He just went to class and entertained ladies. I think he’s hot for redheads though he’s turn-ons say black hair. After dumping the brunette, he became fast friends with two redheads, one of which is Shanon. He has three bolts with the other one but Shanon is apparently his favorite, although he only has one bolt. They’re constantly making out with each other if they’re in the same room. She’s a romance sim and is perfectly content on snogging him and then leaving lol. I’ve always liked her; I just might make her playable.
  • Grades this semester: Roark A+ 3.8 GPA, Amanda B+ 3.3 GPA. I’ve finally figured out why she kept having a B+ even though her meter was full. I have the hack that requires a term paper in order to get an A. That’s ideal as she doesn’t roll the want to write a paper every semester, even though Roark does. She did for the spring semester, so hopefully she’ll finally get to raise that GPA with her first A. 
  • Oh yeah, something new I learned about Amanda: she’s a huge flirt with Donovan and Elliot. She was hugged up with the both of them in no time lol. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “young and wild and free, fall 3004

  1. Lol, wow! Two guys, I wasn’t expecting that at all. It does seem like something she would do. I just hope her naïveté doesn’t get her in trouble in the big city. Both guys are cute, though I’m hoping she heeds the warnings about Donavan. Love the new dorm. Plus really love the reception desk.

    1. I’m finding that Amanda is not a people person. She has negative interactions with people who are not her friends. Anyone with chemistry, she’s hugged up in no time. Case in point, when I first played her, Naraj moved in as a dormie (I forgot to give him a prisoner’s token). One ACR flirt and they’re massively in love. So I removed all the flag to give him a low friendship but they become mortal enemies instead. I’m talking fights every other hour, which Amanda always won because of her high fitness.

      Same thing this time. Great friends with Shanon and Roark, flirty with Elliot and Donovan, but can’t stand anyone else. Just keeps to herself.

      She’s not rolling any wants right now, so I’ll just let her be casual with both. I even see her hooking with up Roark out of boredom. Pleasure Sims. Hopefully she doesn’t get burned, since she is so inexperienced.

      1. Maybe that explains why she didn’t have many friends in high school. I thought it was just because there were not many teens, and instead it’s that she’s not a people person…at all. Or maybe she doesn’t see the point if you’re not attractive, lol! I’m really loving seeing her in your hood and watching her grow.

  2. Wow, that’s a big group of kicky-bag spectators! Is your new dorm a business, because usually in my businesses, there’s always those few customers that complain like crazy. The new dorm does look really good.
    I like the way you worked in the foreshadowing/character development with Donovan.

    1. No, it’s a dorm. She came back from a community lot and two different dormies fussed at her for no reason. I had to get her talking with Elliot or else she was going to piss off every dormie in the hall. And these dormies constantly play kicky-bag. Always blocking the hallway with their congregating. Like they have nothing else better to do lol.

  3. Your dorm kicks butt! Looks fantastic! I’m glad that Amanda is getting out there, and I hope she figures out Donovan’s motivations before she gets too hurt. But man, she’s got some gorgeous guys in her grip. I really like her being fussed at over things that needed repaired, I can see the freshmen thinking she has some pull being a senior, and working the front desk.

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