don’t know what i was thinking

October 3004: Tracy household
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Liam is 35, Cora is 32, Adriana is 5, Jordan is 3, Harper is 2 months, Marianne Richward is 14.

narrated by Marianne

I think Dad is secretly glad that I’m into sports. It’ll be several years before Adriana, Jordan or Harper are old enough to really play with him, if they’ll even be into it. I’d rather play with my friends, but I’m still semi-grounded after my principal did send an email regarding my so-called bullying behavior. The few hours a week of sports is a respite that I cannot pass up.

Instead of hanging at with my friends, they’ve given me more manual labor around the house.

Work that is very disgusting and very lame. It has to be illegal.

They even have me on diaper duty. But the little booger is pretty cute though.

Half the time I’m also babysitting the others. I’m so glad that Adriana is a child, she’s so much easier to manage. She keeps to herself most times.

Although she does keep bugging me with showing off the new moves she learned in ballet. You’d think she was learning rocket science.

And I have to suffer through all of this in a smaller bedroom. I’m oldest, I should have the bigger room.

I would be totally cut off socially if it wasn’t for chatting online with  my friends.

But I was socially starved! So much so, that I actually had a phone conversation with Jeffrey Michaels. Most of my friends knew I was on lock-down and didn’t call very often. However annoying, talking with Jeffrey didn’t seem too bad.

I must have been desperate because he soon asked to sneak out with me and I agreed. The LC is small enough to not really have a nightlife, but the only place open to teens that late was Neverland, the teen hangout.

Jeffrey said he was going to use his mom’s car, but I wonder what his mom did for a living because he showed up in a limo. I had to bribe Scout with a treat to keep him from barking and potentially waking up my parents.

I rushed to get in and soon we were off. Man, the rush was exhilarating!

Part of the reason why I agreed was the hope that I would see my friends there, but the place was pretty dead, likely because it was a school night.

We soon left but didn’t want to go home just yet, so we walked over to Founders Park.

The park is known for being a romantic scene at night and I’m sure that’s what Jeffrey had in mind. But I wasn’t having it. It’s still Jeffrey after all; I’m not that desperate.

I did decide to give him a friendly hug though. It was so nice to escape the house. Until I heard my name.

Out of all people to appear out of thin air, it was my great Aunt Donna. I totally forgot that she and her husband moved into a new condo that was across the street from the park. She probably saw me and came down to confront me, talking about how disappointed she was to see me there. She would have driven me home right then if she owned a car, but made sure Jeffrey took me home pronto.

I fully expected my parents to be up and waiting for me, but when I arrived the house was still dark. I thought Donna would’ve called ahead for sure.

The next morning, the coast was still clear. I can’t believe Aunt Donna didn’t rat me out. I decided that that was enough living on the edge for a while.

An idea that came a little too late.


  • The song is from Man Down by Rihanna.
  • Marianne had for ages the want to sneak out with Jeffrey of all people. I never done the sneak out thing before (only the permission to go out want), and since Marianne is going through some rebelliousness right now, I figured why not. I hoped she would have been caught, but she got away scot free. So she rolled the same want again the next day, and I immediate thought that Marianne was really stupid brave in testing her luck again. But this time, I just had her go on an outing with Jeffrey at night. I also did this because I needed to play test this new teen hangout that I built (more on that later). It was approaching midnight but she still had a good amount of energy so I walked them over to the park. Imagine my shock when Donna appeared. I literally jumped when I saw her when I was changing camera angles for the photos. And she was staring in their direction. Thus, Marianne was busted.
  • So she returned to the house with no fanfare and I was trying to decide how to stage her being caught, and who just decided to call for Cora the next morning? Yep, it was Donna! Donna doesn’t really have a huge relationship with any in the household to be calling, so I took it as kismet that she would be calling about Marianne breaking curfew. Won’t she be surprised that not only was Marianne breaking curfew, she wasn’t supposed to be out at all! Ooh, I love it when stuff happens autonomously that matches the story.
  • Neverland is a lot that I built for the teens to hang out. Nothing too fancy, just a pool table, arcade and juke box. I put in booths for eating some dive cuisine. The other part of the building is a small juice bar, which doesn’t really work well, since the hostess in Neverland just seats the overflow of diners in what’s supposed to be a different establishment. Oh well. Everything else worked just fine, so I’m not bothered. 
  • Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “don’t know what i was thinking

  1. You nailed the tone of many 14 year olds! “Work that is very disgusting and very lame. It has to be illegal.” So Aunt Donna did call, just not that night. This was a really fun update!

  2. Oops, someone is in more trouble than she thought she might be in! I can’t imagine her parents will be too thrilled, given she was already grounded!

  3. I just don’t know about Marianne. She continues to get into trouble. If I was her parent, I would be re-considering her friendship with Janet, as she’s obviously a bad influence. Denise, being a money sim, doesn’t really hang out with them anymore. She’s focused on her schoolwork, getting into college and getting a job. I’m going to consider Starr’s parenting skills to see how they will deal with this.

  4. Janet is a bad influence, but right now she’s making these decisions and rolling sneak out wants on her own accord without Janet. Glad she was caught, if you ever want them to get caught in game, just wake up a parent and bring them down to the front doorway. They will lecture the caught teen then. The Founder’s Park looks great, and her attitude about chores was spot on.

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