Too School for Cool, Fall 3004 semester

Laurel Hills Secondary School: Fall 3004 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Faithbucks, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Sarai Richward (13); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 14); Jeffrey Michaels (15); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (16); Autumn Greer, Summer Greer, Winter Greer, Lloyd Wlyde (17)

Another school year has begun with little fanfare but there seems to be a bit of excitement among many of the students, as many of them were graduation seniors. Talk of graduation and college applications were common in the halls.

Other common conversations were trash-talking and arguments. Janet had become for transparent in her dislike of the Greer siblings, especially since Autumn is more vocal on standing up for her sister Summer. Their bullying had been relentless since Summer began going steady with Lloyd.

At least against the sisters. Janet seems to tolerate Winter. So much so that she even tries to bad mouth them to their brother.

After Autumn tells Janet to “shove it up your arse,” Devon reminds her that it was her last year and she should keep her nose clean, especially since her mother was the principal and likely to crack down extra hard.

Winter’s relationship with Artemis is still going strong, although Artemis still feels like she must suck up to his mother every time she sees her.

Marianne, who usually had an easygoing friendship with Winter, began ignoring last spring in light of Lloyd and Summer coupling up. Now after getting her GPA up, she outright snubs him. Considering that he had been tutoring her for the past two years and was detrimental in her renewed academic success, he felts very hurt… and used.

Principal Greer happened to notice the last exchange and decided to ask if Marianne was okay. The conversation didn’t go too well after Marianne insinuated that the principal was giving preferential treatment.

After various reports from other students and Mr. Hoyt, Principal Greer decided to call both Janet and Marianne into her office.

Janet tried unsuccessful to laugh it off, but the adults were not amused.

Janet then changed her tune although she still didn’t feel particularly sorry about the situation.

Principal Greer let them off with a final warning. Any more reports of harassment, one more toe out of line, and they were getting suspended. And as a parting gift, they each got a week of detention.

Which they both opted to take during their free period. Marianne decided to use the time studying, hoping that today’s events wouldn’t make it home to her parents in a phone call, letter or email.


  • So Janet and Marianne finally got called out on their bullying. Pricinpal Illiana tries her best to stay out of her students’ personal lives, especially with her own children. She believes to let them sort out their own problems. But the bullying was getting out of hand. Janet keeps poking Summer or otherwise negative interactions with her, and constantly gossiping about her to anyone who would listen. Lloyd and Summer didn’t make an appearance because they were constantly coupled up. Janet kept complaining about Summer to Autumn and Winter, and she got really upset at Autumn because she completely blew her off. Too much teen drama!
  • So over the past two months, I’ve been fixing genetics. I’ve finally adjusted heights and determined genetic eyesight. Sarai got glasses, which suits her since she’s a very studious Knowledge sim. But the biggest change was Autumn. She has her dad’s eyes (which I finally fixed by the way), so she inherited his tall height. She’s so striking, I might have her be a model or actress or some kind of celebrity. It’s workable, as she is the only one of the Greer family that is not a knowledge sim. Her dad is an astrophysicist, her mom was a college professor specializing in genetics before becoming superintendent. Summer is an aspiring doctor and Winter is dead set in entering the science field. As a family sim, she sticks out, so it only makes sense. She just might become a full playable in the future.
  • Here is a picture of Sarai that I couldn’t figure out to put into the update but I just had to share. She is still so pretty, even with her new glasses:

  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Too School for Cool, Fall 3004 semester

  1. Sarai is so pretty! Marianne seems pretty huffy there with the principal, and she might regret being such a mean girl to everybody, especially to Winter after he helped her so much. I really enjoyed seeing all your teens and your school.

  2. Autumn is really pretty, and with her tall height, she could totally be a model! I’d love to see that unfold if it works out for her, though I wonder how her parents would feel if their daughter went after a career based on looks instead of mind. And Sarai is perfect in glasses they totally fit her personality. You were right on the teen drama, I’m glad that the principal stepped in, and I wonder if Marianne is burning some bridges for her future by being such a bully. Janet isn’t too smart to complain about Summer to Winter, that one doesn’t make sense!

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