Out in the School Yard, Fall 3004 semester

Laurel Grove Primary School: Fall 3004 Semester
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Principal/Superintendent:  Illiana Greer. Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield
Students: Adriana Tracy, Lauren Faithbucks, Sabrina Juarez, Kara Leane (all 5); Giovanni Juarez, Nate Fontaine, Becca Carr, Alicia Faithbucks (all 7); Nichole FaithbucksSantiago Juarez, Chaz Weber (all 9); Sergio Juarez (11)

narrated by Illiana Greer

Mr. Summerfield has a near full class this year. Even though Sergio is due to move onto the high school next year, he will still gain four new students that will complete kindergarten this year. I may need to do adjustments in class assignments next year.

Mrs. Faulkner is great to have as a dedicated kindergarten teacher, but it’s not feasible as we do not have new kindergarteners every year. We do have three new students this year, with another one transferring in from Rockport a month into the school year.

Her name is Kara Leane and I’m pleased to say that she adjusted pretty well into her new school.

It seems all of them are. I remember when Alicia had difficulty socializing with her peers when she began school, but Lauren appears to have no problems.

They are already so tight, always sitting together at lunch. And Kara seems to always be leading the conversation.

Even at five, she seems to already be smitten with another student.

I think it’s just puppy love. She doesn’t seem interested in acting upon her crush, thankfully.

And I also glad that Alicia has finally opened up and socializes now. It is unfortunate though that her new glasses does earn her some teasing from a few of her peers.

Sergio is the only one due to move to the high school next year, so I decided to have his evaluation this semester rather than waiting until the spring.

It was a pretty light conference, as he has already met his SPAT requirements for high school. He knows that he wants to go to college and maybe work in the family business after that.

Overall, he’s just content to make sure he does well in school. I did remind him to make sure to leave some time for extracurricular activities or a part-time job. Schools do like having a well-rounded student as applicants.

Afterwards, he escaped to the playground for recess. One would thing that he was leaving prison that way he left.

During recess, Mr. Summerfield did allow some students in a little ball playing instead of playing on the playground.

Giovanni proved to have a good arm for baseball.

And Lauren also proved to have a mean fastball. But her conduct was left to be desired.

The rest of the school day flies by as usual and it was dismissal time. But a late afternoon shower quickly squashed any more games of catch.


  • So Quinn finally had a class to teach this year lol. It doesn’t make sense for her to be a dedicated preschool/kindergarten teacher, so I will be adjusting the classes for next school year. It’ll be good few years before new five-year-olds are enrolled anyway.
  • I decided to add a townie to the incoming class because she was brought home from school by four different playables. She makes friends pretty easily, so I figured why not. So far, she’s not very interesting. So she may fade into obscurity after graduating high school. I think she does have a little crush on Sergio though. She’s constantly staring at home whenever they are in the same room together. But it’s not going to happen, as Sergio is six years older haha.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Out in the School Yard, Fall 3004 semester

    1. Crap! I couldn’t remember her name and I put that as a placeholder until I loaded up the game again. And apparently forgot lol. I’ll fix it when I get home. Thanks!

  1. This was a great school update! It makes me anxious to get a school running again. It was funny how the kid in the middle in class was daydreaming of watching tv. So real to life!

  2. Adorable! I really like seeing the little kids in their school environment, and at the cafeteria. I think it would be wonderful to have a dedicated kindergarten teacher, but I hear ya on it not working out. I finally am at the point where I can have a dedicated preschool/kindergarten teacher, and I really like that, but it took a lot of populating!

    Sergio seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and great grasp on what he wants to accomplish in life! Very impressed!

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