here am i so spellbound

September 3004: Barnes Household
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Dimitri Barnes is 30, Addie Newman is 25.

narrated by Addie

Living in Laurel Crossing and working in Rockport does get a bit old sometimes. I have get up early in order to make the hour-long train ride into the city, and then I get home late in the evening after work.

Dimitri is sweet enough to wait until I arrive, so we can eat dinner together. He assures me that it’s not really an inconvenience, as he works late at city hall many nights himself.

Of course, he wasn’t also doing the bulk of the wedding planning. The ceremony was only days away.

I admit, the whole planning process has been a bit more stressful but of my elitist mother’s unsolicited advice and suggestions. I finally was able to put a stop to it but threatening to elope.

All the stress from work and the wedding even had me sick, sick enough to actually hurl.

I must have been frazzled a week before the wedding enough for Dimitri to insist on a night out without talk of work or the wedding. I readily agreed.

Even though I still didn’t fell too well. I made a note to myself to see the doctor just in case. I really don’t want to be sick on my wedding day.

It felt like I blinked and it was suddenly our wedding day.

I practically floated the whole day. I was finally Mrs. Barnes!

Even though my mother let up on her interference and my parents did not get the enormous, extravagant ceremony, they at least appeared happy for us.

It was a small, intimate wedding and I received no criticisms from my mother surprisingly.

I had nothing to worry about, everything was going perfectly.

Soon people coupled up and hit the dance floor.

Dimitri leaned in close to whisper how I beautiful I was. That’s when I took the opportunity to tell him that he was going to be a daddy.

He held me even tighter and said that everything was now perfect. I couldn’t agree more.


  • The title is from At Last by Etta James.
  • The whole Addie stressful plotline comes from her difficulty of keeping her moods up. Between work as a development psychologist and her pregnancy, it was all I could do to prevent miscarriage. I found she was pregnant when I loaded up the household; I don’t even remember when that could have happened. It likely happened right before I switched computers and I forgot to write it down. Baby Barnes will arrive April 3005, and I already have his or her name ready. Can you tell I’m excited?
  • I’m peeved at Addie’s mother for wearing that white dress. It felt like she was trying to show up her daughter. Or was that just me? Well, at least they had positive interactions with Dominic and Tamara.
  • Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “here am i so spellbound

  1. Ha, that was the first thing I thought when I saw Addie’s mum in that white dress! Scandalous!

    But aw, a baby! What a nice way to start the marriage!

  2. I can’t believe her Mom wore that white dress! Living through her daughter’s day huh? The wedding was really quite lovely, I liked how intimate and romantic it was. And I’m excited for baby Barnes to arrive! Aww, Dimitri is so sweet at the end.

  3. The wedding was so pretty, and Addie is very beautiful. I’m sure their child will be so cute. Poor Addie, her mom is so overbearing it really seemed to put a damper on the event.

  4. I was quite perturbed that her mother did change into a white dress. I hadn’t played them since I had this hood on another computer, so likely I had her in a dress that didn’t make the cut when moving the game. I wish that I checked ahead of time but I went with it. Thanks for commenting.

  5. The wedding looked great. I can’t believe her mom wore a white dress! That would be a total no no in my book (at my real wedding of course). A baby on the way!! Dimitri is so sweet 🙂

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