Circle of Life: Fall 3004 Birthdays

It’s birthday time!

Christy, stubborn as ever, ignored her doctor-ordered bed rest enough so she can at least straighten up. In her final trimester, she just couldn’t stand an unmade bed.

Labor pains came quickly and painfully for Allison Hoyt.

It’s a girl for Nigel & Allison, Ivy Presley Hoyt.

It was late afternoon when Cora’s water broke.

After one night and an uneventful delivery, Harper Giselle Tracy was brought home!

With another toddler in the house, Cora (and the rest of the household) was glad that Harper was easy-going baby so far.


  • So, both births were girls. I’m especially pleased that another Tracy child received Liam’s red hair. As Carla knows and understands, redheads are fantastic! I’m a bit bummed that they had yet another girl, but her name is pretty awesome. Liam appears to have strong genetics, as all three kids he has with Cora all look like him. I curious how they’ll turn out as they get older.
  • I’m not sure who’s skintone she has (or if it’s a mix) but Ivy got her dad’s black hair and his non-existent eyes apparently lol. I need to go into SimPe to fix his (and her) eyes. They’re supposed to be alien.
  • I’m hoping Christy’s twins are both boys; too many girls are coming.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Fall 3004 Birthdays

  1. Aw, welcome Harper and Ivy! I love the name Ivy. 🙂

    Ha, redheads are the best! I wonder if I’d like them as much if they weren’t so rare though!

  2. Adore the names, and the red hair, especially grand. Harper’s complexion and eyes are really pretty together, excited to see how the girls age up.

  3. Such great names! Harper has striking looking eyes with those long lashes, and a beautiful skintone. I am a huge fan of red hair too….tried to stack the deck for my neighborhood with the founders and their children’s spouses, and there are lots of redheads right now. I’m glad Christy made it through the pregnancy safely.

  4. I have another hood that I play in the downtown (when I actually feel like playing the game) that is a true BACC. One of the founding households was a married couple. The husband was redhead and the wife was blonde (but her recessive trait was red hair). They ended up having four girls and a boy and all the girls had the redhair with the boy as the blonde. I loved it! Although there was something about those Xavier girls. All the neighborhood boys went crazy over them. I liked to think it was because of them being redheads lol.

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