you know i need someone

August 3004: JuarezArt Household
last update/next update
Arturo is 67, Donna is 68. Also Genesis Fontaine is 30.

narrated by Donna

Artie and I are still trying to figure out ways to pass time during our retirement. He suggested playing a sport, like tennis. It’s really not my cup of tea. I much rather visit our children and grandchildren.

But lately I’ve been wearing out my welcome at our children’s homes so I’ve been spending more time with Genesis. Ever since I met her, she’s been like another daughter to me. I’m sure she feels the same way.

Especially since our last visit. She told me that she considered me a mother figure and came to me for advice.

She was still a bit upset at her divorce and the subsequent voluntary termination of her ex-wife’s parental rights over Eva.

I advised that she needed to move on, Christy did. I didn’t agree with dating so soon, however, after she made that suggestion.

I hope that our heart-to-heart did give her clarity. She does remind me of Britney when she was a newly-divorced single mother herself.

Although I love helping all of my girls, I’m glad that I have my Artie to go back to.


  • The title is from Help by the Beatles. 
  • Another boring household of elders. They spend all their time interacting with the Faithbucks girls next door and rolling wants to interact with the various grandchildren. Genesis came to visit on her own, and the topic of conversation was on the breakup (the cheated fear come popping up in Genesis’s bubble). I figure that Genesis would pour her guts out to Donna; I guess she is kind of a mother figure. Genesis is pretty much friends with a bunch of elders.
  • So this update pretty much became about Genesis and I don’t care. It was so hard to get something going for them. I’m planning on moving them to a new place. In their current one, whenever I play Deidre‘s household, I see Arturo and Donna inside their apartment completely empty. All they do is constantly wet themselves and repulse their neighbors and walk-bys. It’s only when I play Dee’s apartment and not Doris’s (it’s a three-apt townhome lot). It’s weird and irritating. Hopefully with the move, they’ll meet new people and get new wants.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “you know i need someone

  1. I’m glad that Donna is a mother-figure for her, and there to lend advice and a listening ear. I’m still surprised that Christy just dropped Eva like an old hat. They have a nice looking apartment, disappointing that it isn’t working right when you play Dee’s apartment. Hopefully a new place will give them more opportunities to experience life, and not be repulsive in the background. Elders are tough to play with for sure.

    1. Christy irks me to no end. The weirdest family sim. She doesn’t roll any wants for Eva, ever! I figure that Eva will remind her of what she did with Genesis and is selfish enough to cut ties now so she won’t have to deal with it later on. I wonder if this will be a trend with her, as she is currently expecting twins with the new beau.

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