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July 3004: Faithbucks household
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Blake is 32, Becca is 31, Alexander is 4 months.

narrated by Becca

I would like to say that I really enjoy the way my life is going. I married well and recently given birth to the most adorable baby in the world. I also have an amazing career, the youngest partner in the law firm’s history. Or so I thought.

It was only a few weeks back from my return from maternity leave that I was told that I was being bought out of my partnership. I was fired!

I relayed my dismay at the abrupt end to my career at the law firm. Blake actually tried to tell me to look on the bright side, that now I could spend more time at home with him and baby Alex.

That’s easy for him to say! It’s not like the city council voted him out and he lost his job as the city treasurer. Besides, I’ve never been one to be a stay-at-home mom and homemaker.

At least the other partners gave me a sizeable exit package: they paid me more than what my share was worth. It was enough to pay off our mortgage and other debts.

I would never tell this to Blake but I am pretty bummed about the whole situation. I worked hard for that position and it was taken away so easily. But after a good cry, I just put up a good front.

Blake was right about one thing: I will get more bonding time with Alex. We’re comfortable on Blake’s salaries as city treasurer and bank president along with the remainder of my severance, so I will use the coming months to do some soul searching and figure out what I want to do.


  • The title is from Bruce Springsteen of the same name.
  • Yes, Becca got fired shortly after having the baby because of bad chance card. I was torn at whether to suggest in the story that it was because of discrimination. It’s not unheard of for women to lose their jobs after returning from maternity leave in the States. Of course, if that was the case I know Becca would sue, but I didn’t want to be bothered. So I rolled a random number x $10,000 for the amount of her severance. She rolled a 7, and the $70K payout did help with paying off their mortgage, so Blake was very pleased indeed. After his divorce settlement with Deidre and the child support, he was struggling.
  • Of course, Blake would try to use the situation to convince Becca to stay at home. He didn’t want Deidra to work, so she stayed at home with the girls. Ironically, this is what made him lose his attraction to her. But Becca isn’t one to not have a career (she’s a secondary fortune sim), so she was hearing none of that. Good girl, Becca.
  • Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “out of work

  1. It’s illegal here for an employer to flat out fire you because of pregnancy or maternity leave but what they do still try to do is make things really uncomfortable for you so you’ll quit. Crappy shifts, unpleasant duties, being really inflexible. It’s hard being a woman sometimes, so I feel for Becca. I hope she can enjoy the time at home with Alex but it sounds like she’s a woman who needs to work, so I also hope she finds a new job when she’s ready.

  2. It’s awful that becca lost her job!! To the eye it would appear to be because of her becoming a mother which is terrible! Sometimes it is still unfair to be a woman in the workplace. I remember a college professor of mine telling a story similar to this. I’ll sum it up: she had just gotten married and was interviewed for a job. The interviewer noticed the ring and asked about it. She didn’t get the job and figured it was because the company didn’t want to hire someone who had just gotten married and would “probably be out on maternity” in the coming years. Needless to say, she suggested never wearing a wedding ring to an interview!

  3. That is a nice severance package! Glad she was able to get something out of it, to help pay debts, and get some time with sweet Alex. Hopefully she finds a great career that she loves even more, and Blake can just deal with it. She doesn’t seem as meek as Deidra had been.

  4. I am glad you talked about the possibility of a suit for discrimination in the notes; with her being a lawyer that’s what I was thinking. It seemed like she wouldn’t just lay down and take it. Like others have commented, I really hope she finds something she likes and I’m glad she got the good severance package. BTW, I love her outfit; it looks like the H&M sweater, with a pencil skirt?

  5. She got a more than fair severage, probably trying to head off a lawsuit. She actually changed into that for work. It was in the Maxis law career, so it may be a default replacement I downloaded for the mesh.

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