i caught myself

June 3004: Richward household
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Doris is 65, Vyn is 59. Also Heather Fox is 24.

narrated by Doris

Since being retired, I try different things to break up the monotony of being at home while Vyn was at work. This time, I opted to color out my grey to my former blonde.

I wondered if she wouldn’t like it but I had nothing to be concerned about. She loved it, although she said it wasn’t necessary.

Her sweet words talked me right into the Jacuzzi. And naked no less! Now I’m no prude but I was wary at first.

But I soon got over it, especially when she announced that she decided to finally make the plunge and retire.

So for the past few weeks, she had been training her replacement, Heather… something. Bear? Wolfe?

Heather had been working at the firm with Vyn for a couple of years and she seems to be moving into the role nicely. Now I think about it, she was related to the former superintendent, the one who died years back.

It was about a week before her last day when she approached me with news.

It turned out that she was offered a promotion in lieu of her retirement. She did such a good job in training her replacement, that they offered her a management position, training all new hires in the finance department.

I didn’t care for that particular bit of news at all at first. But then I realized that we could use her doubled pay for a while. We don’t have enough money to do the traveling that we want to do anyway.

Vyn hadn’t taken the job but I insisted she did. A few more years working wouldn’t hurt and she’s not quite retirement age anyway. I just need to find me a hobby to keep me occupied in the meantime.


  • The title is also from Paramore of the same name.
  • I was getting ready for Vyn to retire but she ended up gaining the last skill she needed for a promotion. She’s in the chartered accounting career here. After being a bookkeeper for years, she finally gets a promotion when she’s getting ready to retire! Her pay really did double, and they can use the money. I see them travelling the world in their retirement, but they do not have the funds for that. Maybe in a couple of years they will.
  • I didn’t intend for Doris to be a blonde but I like that hair on her and apparently the elders still keep their natural color. I tried to get the whitest blonde since elders can only have grey eyebrows apparently. I’ll check into custom ones.
  • As I catch-up, Heather Fox is Amelia Meade‘s cousin. Amelia was the former superintendent and the mayor’s former fiancee before her tragic death. She inherited Amelia’s condo because I had just finished decorating her fantastic space and didn’t want it to go to waste she was her only family. Heather is now a playable NPC and has been dating teacher Devon Summerfield for the past two years. Which reminds me, I have to play their household.
  • I ended up not using a few shots in this update, as they babysat Jordan and Adriana, when she was still toddler. I didn’t remember to age up summer birthdays until I was getting ready to play fall. So here are some extra scenes:

  • They are understandably pooped after that. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “i caught myself

  1. Jordan and Adriana are darling! I can see why they would be exhausted after babysitting two toddlers. How exciting that Vyn finally got that promotion, put half those checks into a savings. I could totally see them living in a small studio, and traveling all around. They seem like the type to really enjoy adventures.

  2. That’s great that Vyn got a promotion! Even though she wanted to retire I think the promotion will be good for her. I’m glad they will be able to save up some more money for retirement since they want to travel the world – it’s going to be fun to see that!

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