Circle of Life: Summer 3004 Birthdays

It’s birthday time!

Cora is in the homestretch in what will be her last pregnancy. She is not liking dealing with third semester hormones and toddler tantrums.

Or teen ones, as her daughter Marianne begrudgingly moved out of her old bedroom and into a new one. Even though it’s much smaller, she does like the fact that she does get some semblance of privacy, as┬áher bedroom won’t be on the same level as all the little ones.

Playable NPCs the Hoyts are now anxiously awaiting their new bundle. In her final month, they have finally put the finishing touches on the nursery.

Newlywed Christy Cheshire has just entered her second trimester. Due to her high-risk pregnancy, she has been ordered to bed rest. She’s thrilled. She’s due December 3004.

Adriana Tracy has turned five this year.

She’s not particularly excited about beginning kindergarten however. She much rather play with her dolls.

The youngest Faithbucks daughter Lauren has become five as well and she is thrilled that she will be attending school with her big sisters. She was so unhappy to miss out on all the fun.

It is unsurprisingly that she already knows how to read since her mother is a teacher, but she still practices so she won’t be behind in class.

Sabrina Juarez is already a lively “little angel”, as her father put it.

Even though she just turned five, she has already an aptitude for the violin, much to her mother’s pleasure.


  • So all the toddlers that have been ignored by me in updates have aged to children. Aren’t they adorable? And they all favor their fathers! Lauren is definitely another twin of Sleazy Blake; his genes are strong! Only the oldest, Nichole, seem to be a true mix of her parents; she doesn’t particularly favor either of them. Sabrina also favors her dad more than any of her brothers, but then, her brothers were created in CAS and she was born in game. I am so tempted to age her just to see how she will look like. And Adriana only seemed to get her hair from her mother. Everything else is all Liam it seems.
  • I’ve been playing ahead my updates; I’ve only done fall birthdays. Hopefully, I didn’t miss any one in my notes who was due to age in the summer lol. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Circle of Life: Summer 3004 Birthdays

  1. Ooh lots of beautiful kids in this age up post. How funny that they all take after their fathers! I like when that happens with daughters, but it doesn’t happen often in my game, just a handful. Looking forward to the upcoming babies, bet Christy really can’t wait, she looks utterly bored with her bedrest!

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