ain’t it fun

May 3004: Fontaine Household
last update/next update
Genesis is 23, Eva is 3

narrated by Genesis

It has been several months since Christy and I separated and I think I’ve finally finished grieving the end of our marriage.

I’m glad that I’ve settled into single parenthood well.

Sure it was hard. She was trying to get Eva adjusted to having a big girl bed and Christy not being around all the time.

Thankfully Eva is pretty well-adjusted. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s young or because of my parenting skills though.

Thoughts of Christy popped into my head during my bubble bath; I guess because she was due for a visit.

Visits were usually strained. Christy always made a point to ignore me, which I don’t get.

I’m always cordial. We are, after all, both Eva’s parents and we need to co-parent successfully.

This time around, I joined them, so Eva would be more comfortable. Christy gave me a rather nasty look but quickly returned her attention to Eva.

Eva’s mood did improve after I arrived and we all had a great play “date”.

After Eva was put down for a nap, we went to the living room as Christy wanted to talk.

Her attitude sounded as if she wanted to argue but I quickly put a stop to it. If she wanted to talk, then she should talk.

Suddenly, Christy jumped up and rushing to the bathroom.

After hearing her wretch, I deduced that she was pregnant, which she admitted.

Hearing her admission brought back all the memories of betrayal, and I reacted.

She not-so-kindly reminded me that we weren’t together anymore and she could do what she wanted.

But I reminded her that she already had a child who she needed to visit more. Now, it seemed that she was having the family that we were supposed to have but with someone else.

That’s when she decided to leave. Good riddance.

It seemed all the progress that I gained was lost. I ended up drowning my feelings playing the piano. I didn’t think I could be any more upset. But I was wrong.

The following week, I received by courier a notice that Christy relinquished her parental rights to Eva. Apparently she had submitted her request three months and it was approved by a judge yesterday.

It was a slap in the face. All that time since the split, since the divorce, never once did she mention that she was considering the termination. I could contest it, but honestly, I didn’t want Eva to find out later in life that her mother didn’t want her and was forced to be her mother. So I just accepted it, and continued to try my best with getting Eva to now cope with losing her other mother for good.


  • The title is from the song of the same name by Paramore. I seriously love this band, by the way.
  • So after that fiasco with Marianne and Lloyd, I decided to look into Genesis’ relationship panel since she too was a recent dumpee, and lo and behold, she’s still married to Christy. Man, what is up with me?! So if you were paying attention they still had their rings on for most of the update.
  • After playing Christy in her household, she does not roll wants for Eva. At all. Just of random stuff, which is so weird as she is a Family sim. She took custody of their cat and moved in with Dennis in Rockport. He is a record producer and they have already eloped married. They are rehabbing a townhouse (honestly, they just don’t have enough money to fully furnish their house) and preparing for the birth of their children. Yes, children. 
  • Genesis is doing just fine. She’s already rolled a want to date a townie, who is cute. I’ll wait to introduce her until the next update, as I know Genesis would not get back into the saddle as easily as Christy did. I’m sure that her previous marriage will make her super cautious if she does decide to get serious again (plus I do not want to marry her off to the first girl she meets either).
  • Isn’t Eva gorgeous? I still need update her eyes. When I created the adoption pool, I apparently had eyes that I no longer have. Addie Newman is the same way too. I so seriously need to stop procrastinating.
  • Thanks for reading!

One thought on “ain’t it fun

  1. I love paramore too, caught myself is a great song, I never get tired of it. Just put it on now actually. 🙂 How funny that she was married, wearing rings, and you had forgotten! Love that they are rehabbing their house since they lack funds, seems realistic to me! Glad that Genesis is doing fine, and already geared up to join the dating world again. I can’t believe that Christy just relinquished her parental rights, now I’m really wondering about her being pregnant again… Poor Eva. The picture of her crying with her broken family thought bubble, ahhh heartbreaking.

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