Too School for Cool, Spring 3004 semester: Part Two

Laurel Hills Secondary School: Spring 3004 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Faithbucks, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Sarai Richward (12); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (all 13); Jeffrey Michaels (14); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (15); Autumn Greer, Summer Greer, Winter Greer, Lloyd Wlyde (16)

Marianne was shocked that she was standing in front of Lloyd, her ex-boyfriend.

They hadn’t really talked since her parents made them break up, especially since she tried to get him to still date her behind her parents’ back.

Marianne had to admit, she wasn’t paying close attention to what he was saying. She was too busy admiring how good looking he was to really hear him.

Until she heard him say that he wanted to give her heads up.


It turned out that he was now going steady with Summer and he wanted her to find out from him directly, instead of the rumor mill.

Marianne was shocked to her core. Out of all people for him to date… Summer Greer?!

Before Marianne could react negatively, Lloyd reminded her that they broke up a year ago and didn’t really need to tell her. He just wanted to spare her feelings.

Lloyd left quietly, only after Marianne simply nodded and told him okay. She was anything but.

Later that day, Marianne had went to the upperclassmen lockers to look her Janet, as she was known to hang around, hoping to catch the attention of a guy of course.

But she got an eyeful when she turned the corner.

Marianne, seeing red, screamed, stamped on his foot and even threw a face slap. It felt good! Summer decided to engage Jeffrey in conversation to stay out of her way.

Unfortunately for Marianne, Ms. Faithbucks witnessed the whole debacle and carted her to the principal’s house. Summer was a good sport about it though, jokingly telling Lloyd, “that’s what you get for messing with the young girls.”


  • So… I know this high school update was long. But I had so much fun this rotation and I couldn’t leave any picture on the cutting room floor.
  • Let me tell you how thing came about. While playing the school, I happened to go through Marianne’s relationship panel, and I realized that she was still Lloyd’s girlfriend. It made sense, as I was trying to pair up Lloyd and Summer. They had each other as a crush and they both a want to go steady, but the option wouldn’t appear. So I made him “officially” break up with Marianne and promptly couple up with Summer. Unfortunately, Marianne decided to wander to the floor they were on and BAM! It was so fun to watch!
  • Janet is the ultimate mean girl. That girl gossips about Summer constantly. Consistently antagonizes her. But this time, she also included Deidre in her bad mouthing. Dee was constantly at Janet’s desk during classroom time, so I guess that was her reason.
  • Thanks for reading!


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