Out in the School Yard, Spring 3004 semester

Laurel Grove Primary School: Spring 3004 Semester
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Principal/Superintendent:  Illiana Greer. Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield

Students: Giovanni Juarez, Nate Fontaine, Becca Carr, Alicia Faithbucks (all 6); Nichole Faithbucks, Santiago Juarez, Chaz Weber (all 8); Sergio Juarez (10)

The morning began like any other day, with Mr. Summerfield calling the class together.

The only exception is his reminder that the SPATs were rapidly approaching.

None of them were due to graduate this year, but they still needed to stay on top of their academics.

Santiago isn’t due to graduate for a few years, but unfortunately, he is not quite satisfactory in his pretest scores.

His parents always expected excellence in their children, so they made sure he put in extra hours studying.

He sure hoped that it was worth it. Studying was hard! He sure did work up a healthy appetite.

Of course, he was thankful for his favorite subject: recess!

The merry-go-round is still the most popular on the playground.

Which, fortunately, shortens the usual line at the slide.

Playtime was all the more sweeter when Principal Greer cancelled all formal classes for the reminder of the day, as a special treat before the test in the morning. Score!


  • Yup, a pretty short update. It was surprisingly hard to write it, as nothing really happened.
  • Quinn is busy doing other things, like cook lunch. I still cannot understand why the NPC cook doesn’t show up. Besides, she could use the work. I have no kindergarteners until the fall.
  • Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Out in the School Yard, Spring 3004 semester

    1. To graduate to secondary school, they need a minimum SPAT score of 7 (5-1-1 split) or satisfactory score of 11 (7-2-2). When they’re 10 or 11, I’ll do an evaluation to make sure they’re on course. Most of the time they are.

  1. Primary school updates are tricky sometimes – kids don’t get into drama like the high school kids do, lol. But you do get plenty of cuteness, at least.

    I have to say I really like the look of your school, especially the library. Love that wallpaper – wish we had fun walls like that where I teach! Everything is boring beige and white.

  2. Grade school can be a hard update, I usually get an overload of cute photos, and spend my time thinking how cute they all are. But yeah, not much drama. I really like that you do a SPAT for them to proceed. Kind of a good way to see if they are on track. If I remember, I want to check mine and see what their scores look like in grade school.

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