a day in the life

April 3004: JuarezDo Household
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Dominic Juarez is 34, Tamara is 28, Giovanni is 7, Arthur is 5 months.

narrated by Tamara

Ever since I had the baby, my days start early.

The first thing I do in the mornings is get breakfast ready. I try to fix good, solid meals regularly.

Before the baby wakes up I throw on some sweats and go out for a morning walk. It’s been helping me lose my last bit of baby weight. Plus, it’s a good way for me to have some me-time.

When I return, Arthur is just waking up for his morning feeding. He is the sweetest baby, he rarely cries.

After I put Arthur into his baby swing, I check to make sure Gigi is getting ready for school. But I have nothing to worry about, she’s usually on track. She’s a morning person, much like her dad.

When the house is quiet with Dominic is at work and Giovanni at school, I work on my parenting blog, which has become very popular over the past months.

I find myself spending more and more time online, while the baby is snoozing. I usually stop when Gigi arrives home from school. She quietly plays in her room while I cook dinner.

Around the time Arthur was born, she was adamant about re-decorating her room, as it was too “babyish”. Now, I can’t seem to pull her away from her new space.

Just as well. She does help keep an ear out for the baby when I’m downstairs cooking dinner, in case the baby monitor doesn’t work.

I sometimes offer our next door neighbors to join us for dinner, but they seem to have an aversion to be their dinner guests.

After dinner, they all sit in the living room to discuss their day, but the topic usually strays to some random show on the television.

In the evenings, Dominic jumps at the chance to spend any time with the baby.

He even does the nighttime routine with Arthur, which is great as I get to relax before bed.

It just makes me so appreciative of my family.


  • The title is from the Beatles’ song of the same name.
  • I absolutely love playing this family, they’re like the Huxtables lol. It’s not really boring yet since nothing happens in this household. But Tamara keeps herself busy with the baby and the blog during the day, and then Giovanni occupies her time in the afternoon. Dominic autonomously interacts with Arthur. Constantly. It’s so cute.
  • Who else is cute? Giovanni is! She is gorgeous! Here’s two pictures I took that will likely show up in the picture frames in-game:

  • Thanks for viewing!

3 thoughts on “a day in the life

  1. Giovanni is adorable, can’t wait to see how Arthur looks. I do hope they are able to have another one, such a sweet, well-balanced family. The parenting blog is cute, those things can make some crazy amounts of money. Giovanni’s bedroom is great, totally vibrant and fun-loving like a girl her age would pick!

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