Round 3005: ROS

I’m nearing the end of the current round, so I decided to go ahead and roll for next round’s ROS.

RE-HAB (Sim enters rehab program for a vice, must learn anger management and life-long happiness. Upon completion, re-roll LTW)


WINDFALL OR NOT! (Win a contest at $9,000 )

DECREASE THE FAMILY (Dumping, but your Sim does the dirty deed of dumping their spouse/partner.)

COSMETIC SURGERY (Sim suddenly feels a desire for a new look. Deduct for the cost of the surgery)


  • Okay, no deaths. But I’m at a complete loss about this pending split. I’m having grand ideas on how to handle it but still need to figure out the reason.
  • The surgery is the same problem. Why on SimEarth would this sim ever change their look?
  • When I reveal who had the re-hab, you will laugh your behind off. I know I did. This person is the least likely to ever have a vice, but okay.

5 thoughts on “Round 3005: ROS

  1. Lol, maybe they have a chocolate addiction or they’re giving up sugar 🙂 also the surgery could be not on the face, maybe they hate the way their knees look. Can’t sit to see what you do with it

  2. Ohh this is a fun ROS, looking forward to seeing who these belong to! Surgery is a rough one, I’ve only had it once and I changed Delaney’s nose. If they were older, you could get rid of wrinkles, a face lift.

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