to the east side

March 3004: JuarezDi Household
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Diego Juarez is 37, Victoria is 35, Sergio is 11, Santiago is 9, Sabrina is 4 1/2

narrated by Victoria

It amazes me on how different my children are from one another. It’s always been difficult to have him keep his room clean. 

Sergio, on the other hand, keeps his room spotless. He cannot leave his bed unmade and puts away his toys immediately after his done.

I’m not too sure about Sabrina though. She’ll be five this year but I’m not too sure of her personality just yet.

What she can determine so far is that she appears to be a medium. For a four year old, she doesn’t make a mess as much as any other toddler. She just enjoys her new big girl bed, usually by raiding the toy chest.

Thankfully the move to the new house was smoother than Diego and I expected. They had to move from their old house, due to discovering a termite infestation while doing foundation work. Unfortunately, the damage was too extensive to remain in the house.

Luckily we were able to only move down the street. I also re-introduced myself to one of my neighbors, Becca Faithbucks. Although I see her from time to time in the neighborhood, I haven’t spoken to her since her wedding.

It was also ideal, as she was a lawyer. We were considering getting a lawyer, to ensure that the warranty on our former home would be enforced.

Thankfully, it wasn’t needed. Everything was taken care of, and quickly, as it seems that this was a reoccurring problem with many of the homes built by previous manufacturer.

Surprisingly, most of my family was unhappy with our new home. Even though it’s newer, the house is smaller.

Oh well, at least someone in this house is happy with their new digs.


  • The title is from The Jeffersons theme song, Movin’ on Up.
  • So… I’m back lol. A lot has happened since I last updated. I moved to a new place, split from my husband, moved again, got a huge promotion, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, and then moved again lol. I also missed my blog’s anniversary for the third time running. Oh well, at least I’m consistent. 
  • It was difficult writing this update, as I took these pictures while on my old computer. I have since gotten moved my game to a new computer, and I couldn’t remember where I was going with the household. Plus, I’ve been having problems with using Gadwin on my Win 8 computer, although Gadwin claims it’s compatible. It does work, on every problem except TS2. So I’m now using Fraps, which is okay. I don’t have to crop out the taskbar as I did before, but it has automatic naming and only saves in bitmap, as I’m not upgrading. So I have the extra step of renaming and re-saving into JPEG.
  • They have a new house, as their old one kept crashing. I’m still decorating moving them in, but I have a short lot tour here.

7 thoughts on “to the east side

  1. Hope things are calming down for you in real life now!

    If you haven’t already, you should look into a program called Fast Stone Photo Resizer. I use it to batch resize my pictures but you can also batch rename with it (and do a lot of others things too, like cropping, brightening, adding borders, etc). It might save you a bit of time. 🙂

  2. So glad you are back! Sounds like you’ve lived a lifetime in your time away, and hope that things calm down for you. Their new house is amazing, totally gorgeous!! Excited that you have a new computer to play on, makes the game so much more enjoyable. Hopefully the house grows on all the kids, and a new dog is a great way to do that!

  3. Thanks everyone! It’s mainly me trying to get used to the new house. I’m not used to playing on large lots, plus learning the new rooms and such. At least this one is not as large as the former one.

    Maisie, it’s funny but I don’t think I even mentioned their dog. Her name is Tiffany (I think) and I often forgets she’s there lol. I generally don’t play with pets, so she’s not ever on my mind. I’ll have to keep that in mind for now on.

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