Circle of Life: Spring 3004 birthdays

Now in her second trimester, Cora finds her fourth pregnancy more tiring than the others. She gets fatigued quite easily; so much so, that she and Liam had to hire a nanny to help out with their two toddlers, much to Marianne‘s relief.

Also in her second trimester, Allison Hoyt spends her time studying all the parenting books she can lay her hands on, as she is a first-time mother. Just because her husband Nigel is a teacher doesn’t mean she’ll have an advantage.

After a smooth delivery, Blake and Becca Faithbucks are parents to a new baby boy.

Named Alexander Wallace, Blake is thrilled to finally have a son to pass down his name.

So Blake finally got himself a son. I hate that he keeps getting what he wants (supposedly traded up his wife, lives a prominent lifestyle and now has the son he always wanted). But I have to admit that I’m glad that he got a son too, so the Faithbucks name doesn’t became extinct.

6 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Spring 3004 birthdays

  1. Blake=ick. Got his blond floozy wife and little jr….has he seen his daughters? I will admit, the little poop is cute.
    Cora looks absolutely thrilled to be pregnant.

  2. Wow, Cora looks tired. She’s the poster child for not having additional pregnancies, lol. I’m glad they got the nanny to help out, it must be crazy with two toddlers and being pregnant.

  3. Yeah, it’s nice to be able to pass on the family name. I’m sure Blake will get his comeuppance sooner or later. Either that, or he’ll reform himself and no longer deserve as much comeuppance. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

  4. Blake, oh blake. But I am glad that the family name can continue, that’s always important to me, and Faithbucks is a great last name. Hopefully his son grows up to be a nice guy. I really do love to hate Blake, so keep him coming!

  5. I’m ba-ack!
    Blake is a snob, but some good things happen from him. For example, I hope this boy of his grows up to be a lot better than him. Cora looks miserable; I hope she takes the hint that this should probably be the last one.

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