imma be doin’ my thang

January 3004: Underwood Household
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Jeffrey is 38, Britney is 35, Sarai Richward is 12, Courtney is 2, Tina is 4 months. Also, Marianne Richward is 13.

Narrated by Sarai

Why is it my parents decided to have another baby again? I definitely do not miss the feedings and diaper changes in the middle of the night from when Courtney was a baby. At least my dad is getting up with baby Tina, since my mom gets up early for the hospital.

She has to leave early to take the train into Rockport to work at the hospital. She cannot wait until the town builds its own hospital.

I get so stir-crazy sometimes that I call over my cousin Marianne.

She’s in the same boat as I am. She currently has two toddler-siblings at home, plus her mother is pregnant again. Yikes!

She suggested that I find something outside of home to do, before I found myself being a live-in babysitter.

That was a good idea, so I took to the web to find a part-time job. I want to get into the medical field, but there’s no way my parents would let me commute to the city to work at the hospital. Unfortunately, there weren’t many part-time jobs I would want to take.

It turns out that it does pay to have connections. Marianne told her parents that I was looking a job, and Uncle Liam called me up and offered to let me be an office aide in his realty office. I was unsure at first, but when he suggested the car dealership, I quickly took the real estate office instead.

So here I was, starting my new job. Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous as the hospital, but it will have to do. It was better than home.


  • The title is from Imma be from the Black Eyed Peas. That song is one my jamz.
  • I decided that Sarai needed to be showcased, as she’s always in the background. 
  • I figured that Sarai wouldn’t like to be in a house full of babies, like her cousin Marianne. But Sarai isn’t much an extracurricular activities-type girl, so she got a job. Plus, I figure her parents would let their 12-year-old work at a relative’s house for a couple of hours a day.
  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “imma be doin’ my thang

  1. Go Sarai! Very productive. Instead of just waiting and bitching she found a solution. But we all know come pocket money time and she’ll have no problems taking care of the baby.
    Poor marianne! All those little babies at home

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