i just want your extra time and your kiss

December 3003: FaithDee Household
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Deidre Faithbucks is 28, Nichole is 8, Alicia is 6, Lauren is 4. Also Trent Faulker is 34, Quinn is 31, Austin & Chase are 3, Dakota is 2 months.

narrated by Deidre

My new relationship with Corey Tyler has been progressing nicely, even though we tend to have a lot of our dates at my house. I was a single mother raising three girls, after all.

Turns out, Corey wasn’t impressed by my reasoning after a while. He felt that I was using my single-parent status as a cop-out.

Before I could react, he told me that the girls still had another parent, who should be spending more time with them. That way, I could have more time for myself , alone or not.

I didn’t want to admit it, but he was right. Having regular kid-free weekends did sound appealing, plus I didn’t want my relationship with Corey to suffer any further. It was time I had a chat with Blake.

Trent and Quinn came over later that evening, so all of the cousins can spend time with one another on Christmas eve.

Holding little Dakota brought back so many memories when the girls were this young, especially with the new baby smell.

I wasn’t the only one who loved having a new baby around. I was even starting to wonder if I wanted another one in the future.

That was until the little one decided to redecorate my shirt. That’s when I remembered the ugly side of babies.

Trent suggested that maybe I should get a pet instead. That was sounding like a better idea.

Christmas morning ended up bringing a light snow from overnight, much to the girl’s delight.

It was barely dawn when Nicky and Al ran down the stairs to open presents.

I decided to relax while the girls opened their presents. I was taking them to their father’s house for Christmas dinner later in the day, and I wanted to get mentally prepared before going. After all, I was not looking forward in seeing how Blake was going to try to overdo me in presents like I expected.


  • The title is from Kiss by Prince.
  • Things between Corey and Dee are going well. He wants to get engaged to Dee, but she hasn’t rolled it yet. At least she’s stopped rolling wants for Blake. It’s only a matter of time though, since she’s a family sim. There might be an issue in the future, though, as Corey lives in Rockport (he’s a downtownie). If they do get married, will he move to the LC or will she move to the city? I definitely see Blake not liking this though; he’s too controlling and self-centered in allowing his ex-wife to move his kids to another city (like I give a damn). But we’ll see.
  • Thanks for reading!

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