Circle of Life: Winter 3003 Birthdays part deux

So I must apologize. For the past two birthday updates, I completely forgot about…

Blake and Becca Faithbucks were expecting! Becca seems to be fortunate in not enduring the usually unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. She experienced no morning sickness or fatigue, but once she hit her second trimester during the Fall 3003 update, her appetite did pick up.

Ever the hard-working attorney, her fellow law partners finally forced convinced her to take her maternity leave pending her rapidly approaching spring due date.

She spent her remaining pregnancy getting prepared. When she wasn’t stuffing her face, she was managing the decoration of the nursery during winter 3003.

Also during winter 3003, Laurel Hills teacher Nigel Hoyt is enjoying the last of the winter holiday before school resumes.

Soon his solitude is interrupted by his new wife, Alison, who brings him a late Christmas present. Their new addition is due in July 3004.

So I completely forgot that Becca was pregnant at the same time at Britney, Quinn and Tamara. I guess that I despise Blake so much that I must have subconsciously forgot he existed. I remembered when Becca came to visit Quinn when I was in the Faulkner lot for their update. Because she is due in March, she was supposed to be included in the fall and winter updates. I want to say I feel bad, but I don’t. At least, not for Blake anyway.

After playing the Faithbucks lot, I remembered that I needed to play on my playable NPCs’ lots as well. Of the four NPC households, two wound up pregnant. Seeing as we hardly see Nigel as it is, I decided to post theirs in winter. I’m making the other pregnancy due in December, so it will be revealed later.

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Winter 3003 Birthdays part deux

  1. Lots of babies! Poor Becca with you forgetting about her, I am curious to see what she has, funny on the crashing, Blake really likes to give you trouble. Nigel and Alison having a baby should be fun.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to remember which Sims are pregnant even when you really like them. I love the way that Becca and Blake decorated the nursery.

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