Circle of Life: Winter 3003 Birthdays

We have three new babies for winter birthdays!


Britney‘s delivery went smoothly. The Underwoods welcomed another girl, Christina Elle. Already nicknamed as Tina, she already has the rest of the family wrapped around her little finger, much to the dismay of big sister Courtney.


Dominic and Tamara‘s journey through pregnancy has been a difficult and, at times, frightening journey, but it was all worth it when they welcomed a son, Arthur Sean, named after his current and late grandfathers, Arturo Juarez and Sean Townsend.


Finally, Trent and Quinn Faulkner have gotten their wish. They welcomed a girl, Dakota Lynn.


Quinn is pleased, as their family is now complete. Trent is just happy that he can now be in the same room as his wife without annoying her.


  • Aren’t they adorable? I like how babies have different eyebrows.
  • I had hoped for boys for Britney and Tamara and a girl for Quinn. Two out of three isn’t bad. Poor Jeff, surrounded by all those girls.
  • I think Tina is going to resemble Britney, Arthur is going to look like Dominic, but I’m not sure about Dakota. I’m hoping she looks more like Quinn than her Uncle Blake. It seems that the Faithbucks jaw line is prominent in all of the children except Nichole.
  • Thanks for reading!

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