welcome to the mad house

November 3003: Tracy household
last update/next update
Liam is 34, Cora is 31, Adriana is 4, Jordan is 2, Marianne Richward is 13. Also Winter Greer is 16.

narrated by Marianne

The slave masters that I call my parents finally released me from academic probation, but they still refuse to let me date Lloyd. Something about not liking my steady C-average. They shouldn’t hold their breath on me returning to my A-average; high school is a lot harder than I expected and I’m trying to keep up.

At least they’re not breathing down my neck too much anymore. Dad sold the car dealership and is now runs the family’s realty office full-time, allowing Mom to cut back her hours considerably. The house tends to be a madhouse with two toddlers in the house.

Realizing that Adriana is now a preschooler, my mom’s latest project was giving my sister her very own big-girl room.

To say she was thrilled was an understatement as it’s harder to get Adriana to leave her room now.

To get help for my grades, I flattered Winter Greer enough for him to come over to help tutor me in my schoolwork.

I didn’t get too far into the tutoring, though, as the house was filled too much with the sounds of a house full of toddlers playing and parents arguing. We wisely made plans to study at his house next time.

The next morning before school, I went into their bedroom to ask permission for going out, only to find them lovey-dovey again. Come on! If they keep this up, I might wind up with another baby brother or sister.

Judging by the guilty smiles they gave after my remark, I was apparently accurate in that assessment. Ew, gross! They”re too old to be still doing it! Plus, I’ll probably have to give up my room!

They ignored me and went back to being gross again. Parents are so hopeless!


  • The title is from Mad House by Rhianna.
  • So the Tracy family fell victim to rolling two ROS’s: FIGHT (Pick fight with highest LT relationship) by Cora, and INCREASE THE FAMILY (Try for a Baby) by Liam. Like I said before, I’m irked that Liam rolled his. They already have a teenager and two toddlers in the house. Luckily they do have a fifth bedroom in their house, but it’s on the second floor, so it looks like Marianne will lose her room. The fight by Cora was off-camera (as Marianne wouldn’t be privy to the argument). I figure that she was pissed with Liam about being pregnant again. Unfortunately, Liam and Cora are both ineligible for birth control, but I think I will make the executive decision to give Liam the snip (I don’t think Cora would be willing to be the one to get her tubes tied). Baby Tracy is due August 3004.
  • I’m still having difficulty raising Marianne’s grades. She has a steady C- grade. According to her skills she should be getting a B, as she is doing her homework (she finally rolled a report card want). I guess I still need to find another core skill (I have the Harder Grades hack). She really wants to be a sports superstar but she has a better chance to get recruited if she goes to college. As it stands now, odds are not in her favor. But maybe she’ll make a turn for the better in the next four years. Imagine my surprise when she brought home Winter (I didn’t even know they knew each other). So I figured that she was getting some extra tutoring.
  • I updated Adriana’s room as I realized that she’ll be aging up in the summer birthdays, as will Lauren Faithbucks and Sabrina Juarez, all of whom I’ve atrociously limited their camera time. But come on, toddlers are boring less interesting.
  • Liam’s car dealership wasn’t re-placed into the new layout of the LC. I did have Cora in the real estate agent career, so I had him join and have them run the real estate agency in the LC.
  • By the way, Marianne’s reactions were all real, not posed. How perfect for the situation of finding out that your parents are having another baby and you’ll have to give up your room.
  • Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “welcome to the mad house

  1. I love the last picture, Marianne’s expression is perfect! 🙂 I like the way you worked in the two ROS’s, the story you’ve given them makes sense, and I like the way its told from Marianne’s pov. Her reactions just played into it so well, in your story and in the pictures.

    1. They frustrate me so bad. They woohoo like rabbits and apparently breed like them too. They are both sloppy sims, so they’re not allowed any birth control. After this pregnancy though, I’m putting my foot down. Neither are family sims, so I don’t see them loaded down with a bunch of kids.

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