young and wild and free, fall 3003

University of Rockport (URock): Fall 3003 semester
last update/next update
Amanda Wilsonoff is 18. Also Rowena King is 21, Roark King II is 19.

narrated by Amanda

SUBJECT: long time, no here

Dear Naraj, it’s been nearly a month since I last heard from you. I hope you’re still not mad.

It’s nearing the end of my fist semester, and living in Rockport is so much different than living in the Metro. I often eat al fresco on the dorm’s terrace, just to be a little closer to  the city life.

I haven’t done too much exploring the city. I end up passing the time by doing my assignments, because the city, as large as it is, is overwhelming. Exciting, but still intimidating.

I haven’t made out too well in the friends department. Some of the students here can be a bit rude. Many seem to be put off by me being from Apple Valley. It’s not like I’m a country bumpkin!

One of my dorm mates is pretty cool though. Her name is Rowena King; she’s a senior biology/pre-med major, so she’s forever in labs or in her room doing papers. I hardly get to see her, but when I do she’s friendly. Her younger brother, Roark II, is a sophomore and lives in the dorm as well. I forget his major. He’s okay I guess, I’ve never spoke to him. Along with the girl who showed me her dorm last year, they’re all members of the most prominent family in Rockport. I’m still trying to get used to the whole pedigree thing here.

Oh well, gotta go. I have a little time to do some yoga before heading off to field practice. Don’t take so long to email me back. I promise I won’t tease you again for being the campus casanova. It was joke, lighten up!

XOXO, Amanda


  • The title is from the song of the same name by Wiz Khalifa. This will be the title of the URock updates.
  • If Amanda looks familar, it’s because she’s a recent transplant from Apple Valley. She decided venture out into SimNation, living the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the city. But she is having difficultly making friends though. She gets along okay with Rowena and Roark II ignores her completely (living up to the pedigree hype I guess).
  • I aged Naraj up to YA but neglected to give him a prisoner token so he doesn’t show up anywhere. But he showed up as a dormie. They flirted or something by ACR and they were instantaneously in love. I went ahead and removed the love and crush flags and lowered their relationship to around 50. Ironically, they can’t stand each other now. They actually have knock-down, drag-out fights! I try to keep them separated, but she’s kicked his behind at least three times despite that. I still don’t know how they went from having positive chemistry to worst enemies in a matter of minutes. It got so bad, that why I moved in the King siblings to bring different dormies in. Luckily he didn’t show back up.
  • Rowena and Roark II (along with their cousin Rochelle from the college tour update) will be playable NPCs. They are heirs to the expansive King empire. Really, just my “king” family that own certain lots in my game.
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “young and wild and free, fall 3003

  1. Lol,I wonder why Amanda kicked his butt. Aww, I hope she makes friends soon, but she didn’t have too many friends in Apple Valley either, mostly her cousins and brother and of course Naraj and Annie. I hope she blossoms a bit more as she finds herself.

  2. It’s always so cool to see sims from different hoods trying to make it in new places :). Hopefully Amanda will make some real friend soon. College is a lot more fun when you do lol

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