Out in the School Yard, Fall 3003 semester

Laurel Grove Primary School: Fall 3003 Semester
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Principal/Superintendent:  Illiana Greer. Teachers: Quinn Faulkner, Devon Summerfield

Students: Giovanni Juarez, Nate Fontaine, Becca Carr, Alicia Faithbucks (all 6); Nichole Faithbucks, Santiago Juarez, Chaz Weber (all 8); Sergio Juarez (10)


Being principal and superintendent for two schools is hard work for Principal Illiana Greer, but she does enjoy teaching art class for the primary students.


She loves cultivating the children’s creativity because she fully believes it helps with their learning.


The kids don’t know about all about that; they just enjoy getting a break from their regular (and boring) classes.


Some students go even further by taking up some music classes. Even Santiago wants to take piano lessons, but Mrs. Greer feels he’s not focused enough. She suspects he only wants to get out of more classes, so she sends him on his way.


Recess, however, still remains as every student’s favorite subject.


As always, Nichole continues to try to break the sound barrier on the merry go-round.


After getting her fill on that, she decides to try the monkey bars, at the same time as Alicia.


Nichole tries to bully her little sister to move, but Alicia refuses to yield.




Unfortunately, Santiago was caught calling Becca names, so he was sent to the principal’s office.


When Mrs. Greer asked what happened, he told her that he called Becca a poo-poo face, after she called him a dummy. He still wanted to sock her one for that one.


Mrs. Greer was less than pleased at his explanation, which Santiago did admit he was a little sorry.


With situations like these, Mrs. Greer sometimes missed being a college professor.


For his punishment, Mrs. Greer ordered him to do laps around the school, to which he objected.


When she offered to call his parents instead, Santiago smartly rescinded his objection.


He excused himself to do his laps, before Mrs. Greer decided to follow through on her threat to call his parents.


  • Santiago looked so ridiculous in that lost boys outfit. I think I must have deleted a mesh or something because he was wearing something else. The whole principal office thing was unexpected. The kids were out for recess and I was missing Santiago, until I found him sitting in the waiting area, with a X on his thought bubble of his teacher. That’s when I had the idea for that little setup, using Becca as he had a X on her thought bubble as well.
  • Devon and Quinn didn’t make an appearance this time around, as I felt Illiana hasn’t really been in the spotlight in the past updates.
  • I just noticed how beautiful Alicia is, even though she favors Sleazy Blake (my new nickname for her dad). I’m curious to what she’ll look like now.
  • Sorry for the lack of updates. I am currently going through a difficult time right now, and I really haven’t had the desire to boot up the game. I’ve only been lurking around the community. After getting a comment from a new reader, I decided to put up this update, as I took the pictures a month ago. I also have pictures for the next birthday update. Out of the three new births, I got my wish on two of them, so I am quite pleased and can’t wait to show them. But I have three more updates (high school, my first uni update and the Tracy household) before the birthday one.
  • My little girl is home sick with strep, so I’m hoping to boot up the game to get started.

5 thoughts on “Out in the School Yard, Fall 3003 semester

  1. Thanks! I sympathize with whatever’s happening IRL, and I can totally relate to not feeling motivated to blog due to personal issues. I am glad you did, though. Hope you don’t catch strep from your daughter!

    1. Good news: I didn’t catch strep. Bad news: while on antibiotics, she caught the flu passed it to me and her brother. Luckily I was only out for a four-day weekend, but I’ve since developed bronchitis. Oh yeah, all this while going through my office’s busiest time of the year: year-end close (I work in accounting). Yep, fun times.

  2. “lost boys” outfit, haha, love that! I love him running laps barefoot, maybe he was in trouble for coming to school with no shoes. 😉 Alicia is really pretty, I had been thinking that during the update myself. I hope that things settle for you irl, and that you find enjoyment in your game again.

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