how to gracefully disappear in a room

October 3003: Barnes Household
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Dimitri Barnes is 29, Addie Newman is 24.

narrated by Addie

For the past few months, I have been intent on helping Dimitri decorate the mayoral estate. Honestly, he’s been moved in for over a year and he has only had his office completed.

He finally gave me the green light a few weeks ago, and I’ve started on the first floor. Even though I’ve done a lot, I still have plenty to go.

He has plenty to do, as the end of his current term is ending and is running for another term. So I am happy to do this for him, especially since I haven’t found a position in my career yet. I graduated with a master’s degree in psychology last June and no prospects yet.

Since I am over Dimitri’s often, I have my phone calls forwarded there. It was still a surprise to hear my mother on the phone one day. Whatever she called for, it always led to the same subject: marriage.

She didn’t care too much for me being at school for six years and not landing a husband. Coming from old money, she still had a few old-money ideals; she still believed that the main reason for women in our social status to attend college was to obtain a suitable husband. After all, women who didn’t have husband had to work.

Which is where we disagree, of course. However, she does get her wish in meeting Dimitri. For some odd reason, he wants to meet my parents. My mother was calling to inform me that my father had a free evening for us to come over for dinner. I was not enthused.

So there we were, later that evening at my parents’ home.

My father surprised me by suggesting we accompany him to an art exhibit opening next week. Washington J. Newman never socialized, unless it was for campaigning.

As it turned out, it was. The art exhibit was one of the stops on my father’s campaign tours. Dimitri will soon learn that my father doesn’t do thing without a benefit for himself.

When Dimitri complimented my parents on their home, my father offered to give Dimitri a personal tour.

I knew then they were going to have a layover in my father’s office.

I was itching to be a fly on the wall in his office, but I knew Dimitri could handle himself.

My mother had a little smirk on his face and I demanded to know what was going on.

My mother feigned ignorance, but she suggested that he was probably having the “dad” talk with Dimitri.

But this was my father, Washington J. Newman. He had plenty of men quaking in their feet before. I just hoped that Dimitri stands his ground.

In the meantime, my mother tried nosing around but I stood my ground. I love my mother but I know that everything that I confide in her eventually finds its way back to my father.

After assuring her yes, I was happy in my relationship with Dimitri, and no, I did not need any of her connections in finding a job, I ended our visit.

The following weekend, Dimitri insisted that we dress up and go into the city for a date.

He was able to get tickets to an opera I’ve been wanting to go to.

I was so excited, I was almost jumping out of my skin, especially when he told me he got reservations at the Black Finn.

The restaurant was even nicer that I expected. We were able to get patio seating, since it was a particularly warm evening for October.

In my excitement, I was too busy being a chatterbox to notice how quiet Dimitri was. I started panicking, as I thought that the dinner and theater date was an elaborate way of dumping me.

I was overreacting, of course.

He told me that he was crazy about me. Whew, I though my dad had scared him off, like he’s done so many times before.

On the contrary, he stood up to my dad (however terrifying) and my father actually backed off. I’ll toast to that!

Then his tone became serious and he started talking about the future. I thought he was talking the upcoming election.

Turns out, he was talking about us.

I guess my mother won after all, as I will have a new husband not long after I graduated.

Now we’ll have to worry about how crazy my mother will get during while planning the wedding.


  • The title is from
  • So we finally meet the infamous Washington J. Newman, governor of Rockport. Addie was a dormie in my game, so I created her parents in CAS. I played this lot so long ago (I think 2 months ago) and for the life of me, I cannot remember what I named Addie’s mother. They will remain playable NPCs.
  • In case it was clear above, Dimitri went to Washington’s office to ask for Addie’s hand in marriage, knowing it would score points in his favor. They did not have a good conversation, but at the end of the visit, Washington is actually friends with Dimitri. In fact, Mr. Newman has a higher relationship with him than he does with his own daughter. 
  • Addie has a strained relationship with her parents. She has low relationship points with both, especially with her father. She hates how he values politics over his family, and how her mother goes along with it. Will they ever work out their issue? I’ll leave that up to them.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “how to gracefully disappear in a room

  1. Addie is adorable and wow do I ever love her parents house! The two rooms you showed are totally extravagant. I’m excited about the proposal, and she’s done a great job herself at decorating his place.

    Looking forward to seeing her plan the wedding and how she handles her parents.

    1. Yes, they leave in an opulent townhouse in the prominent area of Rockport. Addie’s mother comes from old money, so I imagined that she would have plenty of antiques and expensive furniture. Since they’re playable NPCs, those are the only two rooms that I decorated. Their house is huge; I get exhausted just thinking about furnishing the whole lot. I’m sure that Addie will fight with her mother on every aspect of the marriage, father too. I’m sure Washington wants to make it a political advantage and her mother would want it to be a big, blowout wedding with prominent families in attendance. LOL, that’ll be fun.

  2. Hi. I was poking around and found your blog linked from Sullivan, and I have to say you have me hooked. I love the characters and the stories, drama or boring. Can’t gush much since I’m at work (shhh!), but I hope you continue; I’d love to see an update.
    -Fini and everyone at Newtopia Heights

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