Fall 3003 Elections: Platforms

We are now nearing the end of the current term. In November, the office of mayor will be elected. Although everyone expected for Mayor Barnes to renew his term, many residents were shocked to learn that Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier has filed her intent to run for mayor.

Candidate: Mayor Dimitri Barnes, seeking 2nd term


  • Provided economic development and revitalization
  • Increased population
  • Oversaw school curriculum reform
  • Established new college campus
  • Created new social programs
  • Established local transit system
  • Construction of fire station

Plans for second term:

  • Reform immigration policy
  • Build new hospital
  • Rezone undeveloped land for new neighborhood for potential residents.
  • Create low-income housing
  • Construction of police station

Candidate: Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier


  • Census reform
  • Establishing mayoral estate
  • Construction of civic center

Plans for first term:

  • Budget reform
  • Create auditorium for music and theater events
  • Tax reform
  • Immigration reform
  • Construction of military base

Polls are currently open, with results to be announced December 1, 3003.



2 thoughts on “Fall 3003 Elections: Platforms

  1. I must say, Summer cleans up very well. I went to give her a suitable makeover for the profile because I was sick of seeing her in that riding outfit. I think she is a AL socialite, I can’t remember. Seeing how pretty she is, now I have to marry her off now. It will have to be someone who is pretentious and snobbish a she is. Too bad Blake just got married. He would have been perfect, lol

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