Meet me at the Altar: Scott-Faithbucks Wedding

narrated by Deidre Faithbucks

In the blink of an eye, the day that the girls had been anticipating had arrived. Blake was having a big blowout wedding with his new beau, Becca.

I thought I wouldn’t stand Becca. After all, she was his divorce lawyer who began dating him after the divorce was final, at least that’s what Blake told me. But she’s not what I expected. Had the circumstances been different, we may have been friends.

She’s tough though; she seems to be able to get Blake to do whatever she wants. Since she’s been keeping him in line, he’s been doing much better with the kids, actually spending time with them, rather than just sending a support check.

During the ceremony, I felt many stares. I guess many people were worried that I would be causing a scene because of our, unfortunate, break-up.

There was no need to worry; I’ve long got over Blake, although the hurt and bitterness lingered a bit longer after that. Watching Blake getting married, I realized then and there that I was happy for the couple.

To be honest, I was more relieved than anything else. Seeing Blake moving on with his life assured me that there was no way he would squirm back into my life.

Closing that chapter I can begin a new one, possibly with Corey.

I was truly happy for them.

I had to admit the ceremony was very nice. Many of the town’s prominent people were there.

The reception began with Doris Richward toasting to the newlyweds. That was a hoot.

Nichole decided to occupy the seat next to her dad, wearing his ear out about her excitement on being at the wedding.

I spotted Alicia at another table, noticeably away from her dad’s table. I guess she’s still coping on Blake’s absence.

I spent the rest of the reception people watching.

Night soon fell, and the party started after the cutting of the cake.

The Tracys were the first on the dance floor.

Soon everyone was dancing, even uptight Blake was posing for his new wife. The wine must have gone to his head.

After a while, I noticed Becca leave with Blake to take their wedding pictures.

They looked really good together. I just hope she has a better run than I did.


  • Some additional wedding pics:

  • My first wedding on the new lot worked out pretty well. The only thing that irritated me was that no couples except one didn’t sit at the same table. Plus, Cora and Liam was the only one who had the sense to dance on the dance floor.
  • This is the first time that I had the wedding told by a third party. But while the wedding was going on, the attendees kept looking at Deidre. Then a thought bubble of Dee appeared above Doris’s head and then I was like, oh. And it didn’t hurt that Dee kept thinking about Blake. So that when I decided to have Dee narrate.
  • Because Blake is a snob and now is one-half of a power couple, I invited all of the prominent families in town; only Dominic and Tamara were not in attendance with their baby almost due.
  • The semester is well under way and studying is taking up all of my free time. I’ll try to post as much as I can. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Meet me at the Altar: Scott-Faithbucks Wedding

  1. Gorgeous wedding! I’m glad that Dee is doing better and isn’t bitter about this, because wow, it seemed to have happened so fast, and I think she would have a right to be wounded over it still. But it’s way better that she isn’t! I love that you invited all the prominent families! That would totally be like Blake, and you are right about a power couple, they actually really make sense together. I wonder if she hopes to have a child with him…

    1. It was funny watching attendees constantly stare at Dee, while Dee constantly thought about Blake. I thought maybe there was going to be some drama or some misplaced ACR-induced jealousy, but nothing.

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