Circle of Life: Fall 3003 Birthdays


Tamara never thought she would make it this far in her pregnancy after her devastating miscarriage last year, but she’s now got two months to go.


Although Quinn enjoyed being pregnant last time, this pregnancy… not so much. Her hormones raged when she noticed her current weight on the scale. Trent smartly quietly left the room without being seen.


Just because Britney is ready to pop within a month’s time, does not mean her family can slack off with their eating habits.


After a whole week of carryout, Britney makes a nice filling salad, but compromises with the ranch dressing.


Dinner wasn’t so bad, even with the discussing of the city building a new police station.


  • Okay, I messed up Quinn’s picture. For some reason, I thought she was in her second trimester. So when I accelerated her pregnancy I was waiting for a pop. Only I got her labor actions. I really wanting to exit without saving, but that’s one of the issues of me crashing. If I exit to the neighborhood or quit the game without saving alone first, it crashes. So I tried my best with her positioning.
  • Babies Faulkner and Underwood are almost here (1 SimMonth). Please hope for a girl for Quinn and a boy for Britney. All three babies will be in the next birthday post.
  • Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Fall 3003 Birthdays

    1. Well, it has stopped crashing so far, except when it crashed when I was doing Blake and Becca’s wedding. But I that was because I had still had the buy mode enabled while on the community lot while they were returning home. Other than that, its running okay.

  1. I’m very excited to see what they have, and poor Quinn! Stuck in labor! Britney is like super mom making wholesome meals whilst pregnant. Excited to see what everyone has!

    1. She’s not really stuck. That was the only shot I could get of her in her third trimester. She’s had the baby, who I ,must say is beautiful! I can’t wait until you guys see the babies.

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