and truth is like a punch or two

August 3003: Faithbucks household
last update/next update
Blake is 31, Becca is 30. Also Deidre is 27, Nichole is 8, Alicia is 6, Lauren is 4.

narrated by Blake 

I have decided to make my relationship with Becca more permanent, and asked her to marry me.

She agreed, and for the past few months have been busy with wedding preparations.

We’ve decided to have a formal wedding at Rose Hill Park, which is ideal. Last time when I got married, Deidre and I eloped, as we were pregnant with Nichole. So it will be nice to have an actual wedding this time around.

In a little over a month’s time, we’ll be married but Becca is really pushing  for me to have Nichole and Alicia in the wedding. I really don’t like being reminded of me lacking a relationship with my girls, so I readily agree so we can change the subject.

One thing about Becca is she’s a woman who usually gets what she wants. The following Saturday she informed me that she invited Dee and the kids over for a visit. Just when I was about to protest, she further informed me that she was pregnant and she didn’t want no husband of hers to be a deadbeat father.

To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement. I wasn’t sure what I was more shocked at: Becca being pregnant, Becca overstepping her boundaries by inviting my ex-wife over with my permission, or the fact she thought I was a deadbeat.

I had little time to argue since Dee and the kids showed up less than ten minutes later. I had to entertain Dee while Becca got snacks for the kids. Dee took the time to let me know that I was overdue for a visitation, after I commented how big the girls gotten.

Luckily, Becca arrived before I could respond. Becca, direct to the point, told Dee that we were expecting.

Clearly that wasn’t what Dee wanted to hear.

Dee went off, as quietly as she could without the girls hearing, asking how I expected to have another baby when I didn’t take care of the ones I currently had.

Becca replied that even though she understood her frustration and anger, she calmly reminded her that she was with me now and if we wanted to have a baby, we would without her permission. Furthermore, the reason for the invitation was to come to an agreement on how to build a better relationship with the girls.

Dee agreed, saying that we all needed to be at least cordial, for the children. For a start, Dee suggested that we all double-date with her and her so-called new boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong; he may be a nice guy but I don’t know him. Until I know more about him, I don’t want him around the kids.

That’s when Dee not-so-kindly reminded me that I was the one who waited after several months to tell Dee and the kids that I was dating someone new and until the month before the wedding for them to officially meet her. Begrudgingly, I admitted she was right.

I just want what’s best for my girls and I’ll do everything I can to protect them.


  • The title is from Get on the Road by the Tired Pony.
  • So Blake got somebody to marry him, and I’m sure he’s very full of himself, landing a good match in Becca Scott. She matches his attractions exactly and she’s a high-powered attorney. But he wasn’t expecting to knock her up either.
  • Unfortunately, he’s still not rolling wants for his kids, but on the plus side, he autonomously interacted with them when I teleported them in. It’s sad to say, but Becca better hope she has better luck with Blake than Dee did.
  • Blake and Becca will get married at Rose Hill, which I had to rebuild as the original lot kept crashing my game. I did make it smaller but more functional. I posted the tour on N99 here, and the download, if you want it, is here.
  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “and truth is like a punch or two

  1. Well he is a deadbeat, he doesn’t do or see his kids at all. Wish he’d want to spend time with them. I’m wary of him and becca having a baby, but hopefully he will be a better dad this time around. Maybe he’ll roll wants for his others too. I like Dee and I like Becca too. I just don’t care for Blake.

  2. Ugh, could the reason Blake doesn’t like being reminded of his lack of relationship with his kids be because he feels guilty about that? He could change that and then he wouldn’t have to feel guilty. It’s a shame he doesn’t seem to feel guilty enough to want to though. :\

    I hope he’s a better father to Becca’s baby than he has been to his older kids. Maybe the new baby will prompt a new awakening for him.

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