mother knows best

July 3003: Richward household
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Doris is 64, Vyn is 58. Also Marianne Tracy is 13.

narrated by Vyn

One day Doris and I had Marianne over, which Marianne jumped at the chance. Her parents still have been keeping a watchful eye on her since she let her grades slip. Anything to get away from babysitting her younger siblings and her pseudo-grounding was good.

The real reason I wanted her to visit was to talk about the state of her life right now. It seems she’s still hung up on her former boyfriend.

Marianne was less than pleased, but she was still going to hear what we wanted to say regardless.

Doris made it clearly known that she was not her parents and to not expect a lecture. But she did explain that focusing on just one boy at her age was just plain dumb.

If Marianne was serious about becoming a star football athlete, she would need to focus on her studies and her game. Doris reminded her that her own daughter focused too much on a boy as well, who left her with a new baby shortly after graduating from high school.

Hearing those words from her Grandma Dee put things into perspective for Marianne, as she knew she didn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. I made sure to let her know that if there was anything she wanted to talk about that she didn’t want to talk to her parents about, that her grandmas were here.

Shortly after she left, Doris went to email Cora that “it’s been done.”

To finish off the day, we took to the new hot tub that Doris convinced me that we should get.

I must admit, it did turn out to be useful.


  • The title is from the song of the same name by Richard Thompson.
  • I know this update was more about Marianne and her drama but nothing was really going on with the Richwards. I may have them travel again once Vyn finally decides to retire.
  • For someone who’s on a limited income, Doris doesn’t act like it. She kept rolling that hot tub want for ages, so I finally gave up. They’re using it almost every day now.
  • Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “mother knows best

    1. Marianne is like a lot of teen girls who believe their mothers don’t know anything about anything. Of course her grandmas put things in perspective real quick, using Cora’s example as she was a teen mother, having Marianne at 18.

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