my broken heart is beating once again

May 3003: JuarezDo Household
last update/next update
Dominic Juarez is 33, Tamara is 27, Giovanni is 6

narrated by Tamara

The last storm has finally passed from over my head. I no longer feel like crying every other day, and I’m sleeping again. Miscarrying brought back those horrible feelings that I felt when my first husband died. The difference this time is that I had Dominic and Giovanni to cheer me up, along with the support system of the rest of the Juarez family.

It helped that he kept me busy with average stuff, like organizing a family cookout.

Even though I agreed, shortly after the thought of eating grilled meat made me so sick to my stomach.

Worried that I was getting sick, Dominic had me take a nap, after which I felt much better.

I was able to join dinner with everyone else and be further entertained at Giovanni’s attempt to get a new toy.

Even though her request was declined, she still managed to convince her father to take her to a movie.

I reminded her that her final grades have yet to be released and there will be no extra rewards until good marks are reported.

Giovanni assured us of her good grades. She better hope so, especially since receiving two C’s on the last report card.

That night, Dominic was sweet enough to give me a back rub. He’s been extra sweet since we lost the baby.

He’s also kicked up the romance as well.

In the morning, I thought I was better until I had the uncontrollable urge to hurl.

As I brushed my teeth, I knew immediately that I wasn’t sick- I was pregnant. I was so ecstatic.

Dominic was too, but he was also concerned. When he arrived home that night, he ordered me to bed.

He even made sure I was alright while taking a bath.

After giving me a brief examination, he realized that I had to remain on partial bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy, which meant that I had to resign from the bank.

Which is just as well; I didn’t like working there anyway.


  • The title is from Believe by The Echoing Green.
  • So Tamara rolled the ROS OOPS, KNOCKED UP. I was so happy that she did, as they want a baby so bad (as do I). Apparently, she is very sensitive when it comes to her motives and she nearly lost the new baby twice, and her motives were barely low. 
  • Baby Juarez is due November 3003, as she will be in her second trimester by the next birthday post.

2 thoughts on “my broken heart is beating once again

  1. Aw, I’m so glad these two are having a baby! Good idea to resign from her job too, especially seeing she doesn’t like it anyway. It’ll ensure a stress-free pregnancy.

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