Circle of Life: Summer 3003 Birthdays

Birthdays: June 3003

Although Quinn is already the mother to twin boys, she is still brushing up on her knowledge using the baby book, now that she’s reached the second trimester.

Tamara is already tired of her doctor husband-ordered bed rest;.

Now that she has passed the first trimester, Dominic eased some of the restrictions, allowing her to not lay down all the time, as long as she’s sitting. Tamara uses the freedom to start a blog about her experiences on the internet.

Britney is in the middle of her pregnancy, her fifth month. October cannot come quickly enough for Jeffrey.

One thing’s for sure, the romance hasn’t ebbed at all during her pregnancy.

Lastly, Sarai is celebrating her twelfth birthday this year.

Unsurprisingly, she’s a Knowledge sim, through and through.  She already knows that she will attend college to study biology and go to medical school, but she’s not sure if she wants to practice medicine or go into medical research. Either way, she’s determined to be a medical scholar.


  • So yet again, Britney and Quinn find themselves pregnant at the same time. Along with Tamara, they will all give birth at the same time, with one in October and the other two in November. 
  • I really like how Sarai turned out. I always thought she looked awkward as a child, but she’s filled out nicely. Too bad she’s a brain, because she would’ve definitely been a model in a different life.
  • Thanks for reading!

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