’cause you’re dead wrong

June 3003: Fontaine Household
last update/next update
Christy is 33, Genesis is 22, Eva is 2

narrated by Genesis 

I never thought I could, but I have filled into the role of mother very well. Seeing as how I grew up in an orphanage, I thought I wouldn’t know how.

Now, I cannot imagine my life without Eva in it. Lately I’ve been wanting to adopt another child.

Now I just have to persuade Christy. Before, I knew she would jump at the chance at having another baby. But she’s been so distant lately and the spark between us has fizzled out over the past few months.

So I make my case to her, about how Eva needs a playmate and how we’re both in a great place in our lives to adopt again.

Christy hesitated too long and I was devastated.

Christy calmed me down, saying that I was overreacting. She was just surprised; she thought I didn’t want any more children.

She made me so happy when she agreed to adopt again.

The next day, I made an appointment with the same adoption agency that we used prior. Christy left the computer on, so I decided to go onto the internet for new baby furniture I was so excited.

While surfing, I got an instant message from someone named Dennis. Thinking I was Christy, he IM’d that he enjoyed their last meeting and when she could come by again. Shocked, I IM’d back asking who he was, but I never got a reply.

I spent the next hour in her email that she left open, reading all of the emails between Christy and Dennis. Christy had apparently been communicating with Dennis for at least six months, and judging by the emails, things had become hot and steamy for the past two.

I was numb during the whole day. I tried to think back, trying to determine if there had been any signs. Christy had been distant lately, but I had thought it was just work. It wasn’t until the nanny brought Eva home for the day, that I became angry. Temporarily, I forgot about Eva, and apparently so did Christy.

When I heard Christy’s carpool arrive, I marched outside to meet her.

The car had barely pulled off before I demanded to know who Dennis was, even though I already knew.

Of course, she tried to turn it around on me, accusing me of snooping. I reminded her that she was the one who left her account open, and passed along the message from Dennis about wanting to hook up again.

Christy further blamed me for the deterioration of our relationship, blaming it on my career and how she had to give up hers.

I brushed off the accusation, reminding her that her contract with the Rockport Rangers was not renewed, thus she chose to move to Laurel Crossing on her own. I couldn’t believe my ears; not only she had the audacity to blame me for her cheating, but also blame me for her career.

I had had enough; I stormed inside the house, leaving to decide what to do about my marriage.

Christy found me in bed later that night, saying we needed to talk.

Before she had a chance to begin, I let her know that she was more than just a cheater, she was a coward. If she was unhappy with me, she should’ve let me know then, instead of having an affair. And then to pretend everything was normal, even agreeing to another adoption. That’s what hurt me the most.

Christy absorbed what I said but didn’t reply. Her next words were telling me that she was leaving for good, to him.

She didn’t even wait for my response. She left, just like that. Without a backward glance at me, nor a goodbye for our daughter. And the numbness returned.


  • The title is from Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
  • Yes, I know this update was a shocker. To be clear, no, Genesis was not the one who rolled the ROS for picking a fight. But Christy is the strangest Family sim I’ve ever had. When the two were dating, she had all of the normal Family wants (get engaged, get married, have a baby, etc.). But after Eva grew into toddlerhood, she stopped rolling wants for Genesis and only had generic wants to play peek-a-boo, not necessarily with Eva. Then, every time she met someone new, namely a man, she would roll wants to flirt or woohoo them. I always thought Christy was gay, but in fact, she’s bisexual. Literally, every man she met, she eventually got the flirt or woohoo want for them. It really got on my nerves (chica, you are married!). So after playing the household for three days and not rolling any wants for her wife or daughter, I figured that she didn’t want to be married anymore and wanted to play for the other team. Thus, the affair.
  • In game, Christy has not done anything any cheating, or so I thought. While developing how I was going to break them up, I discovered in her memories that she has flirted and kissed another townie named Dennis a few times in the past. Since I was not privy to this, I can only assume that it was ACR’s fault, while she was on a community lot. So Dennis became the other man. Because Christy was a AL-townie, she will become a playable NPC, since she is Eva’s other mother.
  • I feel so badly for Genesis. She always had a thought in the back of her mind that her life was going a little too well, if you recall in previous updates. I guess next time she’s ready to get back on the horse, I won’t marry her off to the first woman she meets, and definitely make sure that she’s gay and not bisexual. I’m sure Genesis doesn’t want to compete against another man again.
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “’cause you’re dead wrong

  1. Poor Genesis! She’s so young and to already be divorced (and in such heartbreaking circumstances) must be so overwhelming to her at the moment.

    I wonder if Christy will still want to be an involved mother with Eva. From what you’ve said, it sounds like she lost interest in both Eva and Genesis. But absence can make the heart grow fonder, even in TS2, so it’ll be interesting to see what her wants look like now.

  2. Wow I didn’t expect this to happen to genesis and her family. A sibling for Eva would have been nice. I wonder if Christy will come back and want a piece of Eva after she cools off. Such a shocking update, and yes no more bi’s for Genesis!

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