decisions, decisions- part two

While Amanda made her into the city to visit her college of choice, Naraj Shazad made the ten minute drive with Mayor Barnes to Meade College.

Naraj wanted to view the dorms first, he headed to Cypress Hall.

They took the time to view the expansive front entrance hall, but before heading forward, their tour guide Seth took Naraj aside to give his condolences. The death of a Pierce University professor’s wife did make the regional news. It turns out that Seth could relate, as he was orphaned ten years ago.

Despite it all, Naraj did feel better after the short pep talk.

They first decided to check out the cafe in the dorm.

Seth then showed his room, mainly so he could email his paper due that he forward to email.

It was pretty huge, as he was even able to fit an exercise machine in the space.

While waiting for him, they sat in the rec room, where students were either watching TV, playing pool or listening to the stereo.

It was obviously the busiest (and loudest) room in the whole dorm. Mayor Barnes wondered how they could even hear themselves think, let alone talk to one another.

A student who introduced herself as Isabella mercifully turned off the stereo, before resuming the conversation she was having with the two of them. Naraj silently wondered if all the girls on campus looked like her, and if so, how could they even concentrate?

When Seth never came back to finish the tour, they decide to wonder to another dorm, which seemed much more quiet and tranquil.

Another tour guide received them, this time an RA.

Guide Dylan seemed to take her job much more seriously than Seth did.

Dylan seemed to know what she was doing when it came to giving tours of the building.

The first stop was the rec room, which held an impressive large screen TV with a pool table and darts.

Dylan brought them to her room, where she explained that all rooms were similar.

Each room came with a bed, desk and chair, dresser and a bookcase.

The second floor had a study area.

Where the third floor had an additional library and a place to snack and study.

She also explained that both second and third floors were quiet floors 24/7.

Which left the first floor, which included a small cafeteria, to be the congregation floor.

Seeing how he was going to be pre-med, he knew that Maple Hall was perfect for him if he was going to attend Meade.

But first, he would have to have a successful college interview with the dean.

Naraj must say that the dean terrified him.

She looked no-nonsense, and he was afraid he was going to say something stupid and prevent himself getting accepted.

But he had nothing to worry about, as she was very welcoming and easy-going.

She asked him about his life outside academics, for she greatly believed in having a well-rounded life.

She was aware that he was going to be pre-med, and although they had a rigorous pre-med program, they didn’t have a medical school yet.

Although there was a possibility that there would be one by the time he completed his undergraduate degree, there was no guarantee and he may have to pursue a medical program at University of Rockport or elsewhere.

He understood, but he probably was going to Pierce University for that anyway, seeing how he didn’t want to be away from his family more than that anyway.

He was impressed with the school so far and all that it had to offer.

They concluded the interview and Naraj realized that the interview wasn’t bad at all.

Before they left, Naraj wanted to swing by the library. If he was pre-med, he was definitely going to check it out.

The architecture of the building was, again, impressive.

He could definitely see himself studying in the courtyard.

The entrance hall was like stepping into a museum.

He had nothing to worry about, as the library was fully accessible for everything he needed.

He could already see himself getting use of the facility, doing those late-night study sessions.

And in the computer lab as well.

The library also contained a coffee lounge, for all of those study breaks.

As he walked out onto the loft overlooking the courtyard, he was getting more and more excited of the prospect of attending school in another city. But he still felt a little guilty. His mother just died after all; he didn’t want to abandon his family. Boy, was he lost.


  • So here’s part two. This is actually the part trois  version of Meade College, as I have already built it twice and an in-hood uni. But once I got the idea of having a separate shopping-district hood for my college, I’m re-doing it all over again.
  • The library is my crown and glory of this campus. I absolutely loved how it turned out.
  • And I must say, I can’t wait for the day that one of my playables getting hooked up with Isabella; wow, she’s smoking hawt! I can’t even remember where I downloaded her. Maybe jesstheex or trappingit on livejournal. Seth and Dylan are dormies that I made playable for the purpose of the college tours and as placeholders. I’ll turn them back into dormies later on.
  • The dean (named College Dean) is a placeholder for the building that held the setting for the dean’s office. It will also hold any future classroom scenes as well.
  • Thanks for viewing, and thank you Apple Valley for lending your students!

4 thoughts on “decisions, decisions- part two

  1. Wow, your campus is impressive! Naraj does have a tough desicion ahead of him and not very long to make it, at last Amanda has an additional simyear before she graduates. Loved seeing the AV kiddos in your world and how you wove in so many details, maybe one day some Laurel Crossing students will attend Pierce University.

    Apple Valley

    1. Thank you for the opportunity! I had to study some of your past entries on these two so that I could get their personalities and their dynamic with each other right. Plus, I wanted to see how Naraj would make his college decisions, now that he just lost his mother.

      As far as PU, I’ve already got a simmie in mind, but she’s only turning 12 this year, so it’ll be a while yet. I see her going away to study and PU is the best fit for her.

  2. Isabella is definitely very beautiful. Thankfully, Naraj managed to keep his mind on the job at hand most of the time!

    Another fantastic campus! I’m so in awe of your library especially. The library, all the dorm rooms, etc. are all just stunning.

    1. Your kudos mean so much to me, Carla, for you and AV are definitely a inspiration for my hood. To this day, I’m still trying to build my hospital to be functional like yours. So when one of my lots (like the library) turns out very spectacular, I am still quite surprised. I’ll add to my ever-growing to-do list a more in-depth lot tour on N99. Thanks for reading.

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