decisions, decisions- part one

Two students from Apple Valley Academy from neighboring Apple Valley ventured to Laurel Crossing to tour the local colleges.

Since Naraj Shazad and Amanda Wilsonoff both had wanted to tour Meade College and University of Rockport, respectively, they decided take the trip together.

Their parents okayed them making the trip by themselves, as Mayor Dimitri Barnes was a distant family friend to the Wilsonoff family who insisted that the two stay at the mayoral estate.

Dimitri ordered ahead some pizzas so while waiting, they made small talk before discussing their future college careers.

Amanda was excited to discover that Mayor Barnes graduated from URock, and had plenty of questions about the campus and attendance costs.

Amanda was also looking forward to seeing the city and meeting new people. In her opinion, Apple Valley was getting a little crowded for her, and she would love it if she could spend four years in a big city like Rockport.

But like every other adult, he reminded her that she would be ultimately there to study the books, not the boys. URock’s curriculum is not a walk in the park, after all.

Here future workload did intimidate her a little, but she perked up once Mayor Barnes told her that he set her up with a personal tour with an actual student, as he will be escorting Naraj to Meade that is located in town, and Ms. Newman, the mayor’s current girlfriend would be taking her to Rockport.

So early Saturday morning, Amanda and Ms. Newman headed to the city, which was pretty enjoyable. Riding the train into the city, rather than through the countryside from Apple Valley was much more exciting.  Ms. Newman dropped her off at a rowhouse near the Vanguard School of the Arts, where her tour guide greeted her at the door.

The rowhouse turned out to be a dorm dedicated to the students enrolled at Vanguard. This particular dorm was for students majoring in performing arts such as dance, vocal and instrumental music, and theatre. The guide herself, Rochelle King, was a dance major.

They began their tour of the dorm. The first floor held the kitchen and dining room… with a pool table.

Apparently because it didn’t fit in the rec room.

There was a quick peek into an empty single room…

…before they heading to Rochelle’s room.

Which was pretty huge for a dorm room.

Rochelle’s room was located near the dance room, which was a plus.

There was even a walk-out basement which was the rec room.

Amanda liked the tour but she was ready to see the rest of the campus.

Complying, they walked down to the building that housed the Vanguard School of the Arts.

Amanda couldn’t believe it; she was on an actual college campus.

She calmed down enough so she wouldn’t look like a total dork.

The student kitchens were empty, so they were able to look around.

Although everything was top of the line, she didn’t get why anyone would want to go to school to learn how to cook. But to each his one.

Touring all of the buildings for the past few hours made her hungry, so after their tour of Landgraab Hall, they decided to grab a meal in the building’s cafeteria.

Rochelle took the time to answer more of Amanda’s answers, like the classes and professors.

Rochelle did put in that she had to still work hard for good grades, as it will help her get a job in her field once she graduated. After all, it’s not guaranteed that you will find something in your line of work just because you got a degree in it.

Hearing Mayor Barnes’ words coming from someone close to her age made Amanda actually take those words to heart and is beginning to take college more seriously.

It was soon time to meet back up with Ms. Newman, so they headed to the coffee shop above the college bookstore.

Amanda felt so grown-up, having an intellectual conversation sipping cappuccino (okay, a chai spiced tea for her). She felt so cosmopolitan.

Now she had some serious thinking to do. She had to decide if she wanted to go to URock, live the city life and be closer to Naraj, if he decided to go to Meade. She could attend Mount Braynon University; she liked the intellectual vibe there too. Or she could stay at home and go to school in Apple Valley.

Ms. Newman arrived signaling the end of her trip on campus.

She hated that she had to leave already, but she hugged Rochelle goodbye nonetheless, wondering if she will see her again next year.


  • The title is from a song with the same name by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 
  • So here’s part one of  the college visit from two Apple Valley students. Amanda wanted to see URock and Naraj wants to see Meade. His update is coming up next. Sorry for the delay, but it seems I’m still crashing.
  • May I say, that I was pretty geeked out when I saw all of the city background out of the windows when they were dining. It was the cityscape that I was trying to pull off.
  • Thanks for viewing!

4 thoughts on “decisions, decisions- part one

    1. Opps, wasn’t finished. The campus looks amazing and the city views are impressive as well, youdid such a great job. Hope the crashing gets better.

      Apple Valley

  1. I was pretty geeked out myself, seeing your cityscape! You’ve done an amazing job building your college campus. Very inspiring! I’d find it hard to say no to URock if I was Amanda!

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