My Way: Posters Galore! Part Deux

I was in the middle of making some college paraphernalia for my two universities, when I had the bright idea to make more posters.

I’ve come up with four different poster packs as a starter, as I am making many more. [click the images to download]

School health pack. You can use these not only in your schools but also any health lots as well.

Simlish teacher helper pack: for all of those Simlish teachers out there.

Teen pack: you can put these up in your classrooms, in addition to home, and maybe at the local teen hangout.

Finally, the UNI biology pack [click the third pic to download]: you can use these in school and college classroom, or hospitals. I so need these for the medicine career lot I want to do, which will also double as URock’s medical school.

Bonus: If you remember my last poster offerings, I uploaded a recruitment poster for URock, so I present the poster for Meade:

Which reads in Simlish: “Do Great Things, Beginning with College” plus the open house information.

I have included the preview pics with the files, which are aptly named so you can pick and choose which ones to keep. Enjoy!

EDIT: I forgot to mention- these are on the Maxis poster mesh “Surfing the Universe”, so these do require the University EP.

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